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Monday, January 19, 2009

Harga Hp O2 Terbaru

2O2 Graphite


Harga Bks:Rp.2.100.000,-
Rating: ***
Dilihat: 1218

O2 XDA Atom


Harga Bks:Rp.2.250.000,-
Rating: ***
Dilihat: 2050

O2 XDA Atom Pure


Harga Bks:Rp.2.250.000,-
Rating: ****
Dilihat: 2306



Harga Bks:Rp.2.500.000,-
Rating: ***
Dilihat: 1694

O2 XDA Atom Life


Harga Bks:Rp.-
Rating: None
Dilihat: 1343

O2 Atom Exec


Harga Bks:Rp.2.800.000,-
Rating: *****
Dilihat: 1203

O2 XDA Flame


Harga Bks:Rp.5.400.000,-
Rating: ****
Dilihat: 1251

O2 XDA Stealth


Harga Bks:Rp.2.450.000,-
Rating: ****
Dilihat: 1455

O2 XDA Atom Life White


Harga Bks:Rp.-
Rating: None
Dilihat: 1232

O2 XDA Zinc


Harga Bks:Rp.3.000.000,-
Rating: ***
Dilihat: 2401
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Sunday, January 18, 2009

News Article Handphone

Alltel Wireless Cell Phones ( HP / Ponsel ) - At The Cutting Edge
Unlike many other cell phone companies ( produsen HP / Ponsel ) that have several calling plans, Alltel Wireless offers only three plans. The Total Freedom Plan is ideal for those who travel extensively on business and need to keep in touch with clients and the home office, as well as family. It provides coast to coast coverage within the United States with no long distance or roaming charges.

Buy Cell Phones ( HP ), Best Mobile Phone
Discover The Best Way To Buy Cell Phones (ind: Ponsel/HP/Handphone). Here Are Tips On Where To Look For The Best Mobile Phone For You

Cell Phone ( HP ) Plans, Prepaid & Postpaid Plan
The Best Cell Phone Plans Vary According to The Amount Of Calls You Make. Find Out If A Prepaid or Postpaid Plan Is The Right One For You.

Cell Phone ( HP ) Shopping, Buy Mobile Phones
It’s Time To Go Cell Phone Shopping! Find Out How To Buy Mobile Phones ( Handphone )And Why Online Shopping Is A Good Option.

Cell Phones, Mobile Phone ( Handphone / Ponsel )
What Are Your Reasons For Buying A Mobile Phone? You Should Also Learn To Make The Most Out Of Cell Phones.

Choosing a Cell Phone ( HP / Ponsel )
Considering the innumerable varieties of cell phones in the market, it is quite a challenging task to choose the best one. However, the basic criterion of selecting the best cell phone is to be absolutely clear about what your needs are. The best cellular phone is the one that is absolutely right for you. And, of course, you can only have the best cellular phone when you pay for what you want.

Finding The Right Cell Phone ( HP / Handphone / Ponsel )
Ten years ago, cell phones were just beginning to appear. Today, it seems every person on the street has one. However, not all cell phones are equal. How do you find the best one?

How To Buy a Mobile Phone Handset (Ponsel )
If you asked 100 people the factors that drive their choice of a cell phone, 80% would say the ringtone or the flashy design. Though personal preferences may determine how we buy our mobile phones ( HP ), it is considered prudential that we factor other elements into our purchase decisions so we derive full value for our money and do not rush into extra expense after using the device.

I’m Not Lost – My Cell Phone ( HP ) Knows Where I Am
Do you remember the days when a cell phone was just a cell phone? You pulled it out of your pocket to make a call and that was about it. Now your cell phone can take pictures, send text messages, play music, become your personal organizer, play games, and even function as your GPS.

New Cell Phones ( HP ), Latest Mobile Phone
Don’t Be Fooled When You Shop For New Cell Phones. When You Buy The Latest Mobile Phone, Make Sure It’s Really New.

Ponsel TV China
Sekarang pasar ponsel banyak dibanjiri oleh ragam fitur yang mengiurkan, salah satunya Ponsel dengan fasilitas TV. ...

Ringtones Provide Fashion Statement for Women
When it comes to ringtones, the battle of the sexes continues. While ringtones are universally popular with both males and females, females tend to purchase them more, according to a recent study by M:Metrics.

Ringtones, A Phones Personality ( Handphone )
As mobile phones ( Handphone ) define one's personality in the same way ringtone defines mobile phones personality. Ringtone is nothing but the pleasing sound from the mobile instrument indicating an incoming call. It provides a sense of personalization to your mobile phone. Using the same old dull ring tone will never be able to differentiate you in the crowd. But, having a personal ring tone will immediately grab the attention. So ring tones are melodies, tunes, sound, noise your mobile make when an incoming call or message arrives.

Test Fidelity with a Spy Phone ( Ponsel )
The latest spy phone is one that you give to your subject. The person then uses it just like a regular cell phone. They can make and receive calls, enter numbers into a phone book, and do all of the things that one would expect from a cell phone ( Ponsel / HP ). The major difference is that you have access to communication through the phone. You can even listen to communication that takes place around the phone.

The Usefulness of a GPS Tracker
The GPS tracker is fast becoming a staple in society. This is because there are so many uses for these devices. While GPS technology (short for global positioning system) was originally developed for the military, it is now widely used in things like cars and golf carts — even cell phones ( HP ). There are even types of GPS tracker that are small enough to be worn on a body or slipped discreetly into a small pocketbook. These handy devices allow people to keep track of others as well as valuables from anywhere where they have Internet access.
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Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Cell Phones ( HP ), Latest Mobile Phone

New Cell Phones
Don’t Be Fooled When You Shop For New Cell Phones. When You Buy The Latest Mobile Phone, Make Sure It’s Really New.

So you’re thinking of buying the latest mobile phone and your friend says “Why not get a used cell phone? (hp second, ponsel second, handphone second ). It’s cheaper and just as good!” Now that isn’t quite accurate. It may be true that you can get a fairly new second-hand cell phone at a cheaper price, but the question remains, why would you want to?

In the past, new cell phones used to be much more expensive and it was probably better to get a used mobile phone because of the price. But these days, it’s quite different. New cell phones are more reasonably priced and they come with great cell phone plans that you don’t want to miss out on. Obviously, you won’t be able to enjoy these offers when you buy a used phone.

It’s also true that you can still get some of the latest mobile phones when you buy them second-hand. But why would you want to buy a reconditioned phone? It may look like a new cell phone but you wouldn’t know if it has ever been broken or if any of its parts have been removed or replaced. If you’re shopping for the newest cell phones in the market, then you might as well get a brand new phone. The only reason you might want to get a used phone is because the mobile phone model that you’re interested in is either out-of-date or out of stock.

Honestly, if you’re looking to buy a new cell phone, then you might as well head to the store and get the latest mobile phone on offer. At the very least, you know that it’s new out of the box, and there is a negligible risk of your new cell phone breaking down for no apparent reason.
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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cell Phone ( HP ) Shopping, Buy Mobile Phones

It’s Time To Go Cell Phone Shopping! Find Out How To Buy Mobile Phones And Why Online Shopping Is A Good Option.

The best way to go cell phone shopping is to do it online. Log on, find a quality cell phone search engine and start looking. Whether or not you choose to actually buy the phone online is a different story, but researching for mobile phones is always best done online.

When you’re cell phone ( HP / Ponsel ) shopping, the important thing that you must remember is to compare the mobile phones ( Handphone ). Don’t just look and compare the prices, but compare phone features, ratings and even reviews. All these will help you decide which cell phone you should buy.

Before you can start shopping for a cell phone, you have to first ask yourself - what kind of phone am I looking for? Learn about the types of features and functions cell phones have and find out which mobile phones have the kind of features that you like. Also take into consideration how much chatting you intend to do with your phone and pay attention when reviewers highlight the cell phone’s battery life. All these questions need to be answered before you buy your mobile phone.

Once you’re done cell phone shopping, you might want to consider ordering online. Apart from a wide selection of cell phones for you to browse through, you can also get some of the best deals online. You can actually get cheap cell phones online because there is no dealer charge ( harga hp lebih murah ). So now that you know how to go about cell phone shopping, get to it! Buying mobile phones has never been easier with online shopping.
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Sunday, January 4, 2009

All You Ever Wanted To Know About Cell Phone ( HP ) Batteries

Cell phones ( ind: HP / Ponsel / Handphone ) run on various kinds of batteries depending on the manufacturer, phone size or shape and features. There are basically four types of cell phone batteries: Lithium Polymer, Lithium Ion, Nickel Metal Hydride and Nickel Cadmium.

Lithium Polymer is the most recent type and applies the latest technology in DC power. This type of battery is light in weight and will not explode even if pierced. The battery elements are enclosed in platic pouches and do not have memory defects. They last about 50 times longer than Nickel Metal Hydride batteries.

Lithium Ion is also memory efficient and longer lasting than Nickel Metal Hydride batteries but they are quite lighter. They tend to be expensive and would only fit new models of phones. Most Lithium-ion batteries apply a fast charge technique to quickly charge up your cell phone up to 80% capacity and then slowly bring it up to full power in about two hours.

Nickel Metal Hydride is also memory efficient and lasts longer than the NIM type about 40 times. This type of battery is good for people who need rapid charging and if used with a car charger can be fully charged under 1 hour. The special formula permits the concentration of energy in a single pack – sometimes about twice the power of Nickel Cadmium. This type is preferred by a lot of mobile phone users because it lasts long and is cheap. Again, they are non-toxic and appeals to environmentalists.

Nickel Cadmium are the oldest type and has a lot of memory defects. Another severe disadvantage is that they will have to be totally discharged before you can charge them again otherwise you may irreversibly damage them. Again this type is highly toxic due to the presence of Nickel Cadmium and is gradually being phased out by cell phone manufacturers.

Batteries typically have 300 to 400 charge cycles in their life span. It is so because anytime you charge your battery, the battery loses away some of its potency and thus become diminished in power.

Cell phone batteries can be pretty expensive items if you consider the fact that a Nokia 3310 battery can cost ( Ind: Harga ) up to $24.95. Here are a few tips to prolong the life of your battery:

Dont allow materials to get stuck on the terminals as that causes the battery to lose contact with the terminals resulting in improper connection.

Keep the batteries in a cool place and allow them to adjust to room temperature before charging as the sharp rise in temperature upon charging can damage them.

The life of your cell phone depends on the potency of your battery. Knowing how they operate and how to care for them can ensure that your cellular device runs and runs well for years.
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TV Tuner pada Ponsel / HP / Handphone Ponsel TV

TV Tuner pada Ponsel / HP / Handphone Ponsel TV, dipandang dari sisi aliran data, dua cara siaran TV bisa tampil di HP kita.
Pada awalnnya orang lebih mengenal saluran data TV datang melalui streaming broadcast (DMB/DVB) via saluran GPRS atau 3G/HSPDA, umumnya ini didapat dengan fasilitas berlangganan.
Saluran yang lain adalah layaknya TV kita di rumah, melalui data analog yang diterima Ponsel melalui antena. Jadi TV tuner pada Ponsel/Handphone fungsinya sama sekali berbeda dengan fungsi Handphone sesungguhnya.
Analoginya adalah Komponen TV berupa Chip IC yang menangkap signal UHF/VHF ditanamkan didalam Handphone,sehingga kita dapat menikmati siaran TV dengan gratis.
Masalah terbesar bagi HP/Ponsel berfitur kompleks termasuk fungsi TV, adalah daya tahan baterai. Bagi mereka yang berminat untuk memiliki HP jenis ini jangan terlalu berharap banyak dari daya tahan kerja baterai; dari beberapa type Ponsel hanya sanggup bertahan antara 3-4 jam ketika dipakai menonton siaran TV.
Mungkin sebaiknya jadi bahan pertimbangan dalam memilih Ponsel TV yang akan anda miliki..
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Tips Membeli HP Second ( HANDPHONE/PONSEL Second)

Beberapa hal penting yang harus anda perhatikan saat membeli hp second.
Tips Membeli HP Second ( HANDPHONE/PONSEL Second) adalah:

1. Perhatikan Fisik barang dan kelengkapan. Cobalah minta ke penjual untuk memperlihatkan isi Handphone tersebut. Isi parts dari handphone sangat rawan untuk di pertukarkan. Antara lain Engine; baterai, charger, dan perlengkapan lainnya, lihat versi Enginenya apakah sesuai atau tidak. Jangan terkecoh dengan Cassing yang bagus/bersih sehingga anda harus membayar Harga Ponsel lebih mahal.

2. Kondisi Baterai. Tidak mudah untuk tahu kondisi baterai Handphone yang kita beli, apakah masih baik dan normal atau sudah ngedrop. Baterai yang bocor hanya bartahan satu atau dua hari dalam posisi standby dan beberapa jam saat kondisi sering digunakan. Jarang penjual yang terus terang tentang kondisi baterai HP karena tentunya akan menurunkan Harga HP yang ditawarkan. Cara yang terbaik adalah menanyakan dengan sopan kepada penjual.

3. Garansi. Jaminan atau garansi bahwa tidak akan rusak dalam waktu singkat adalah sangat penting untuk dimintakan kepada penjual. Tanyakan berapa lama berani menjamin, usahakan nyatakan secara tertulis atau paling tidak tulis dalam kwitansi pembelian. Karena barang hasil perbaikan dari yang rusak belum tentu stabil dan lengkap fungsinya. Pertimbangkan untuk tidak membeli HP apabila tidak ada jaminan, kecuali anda menanggung resiko yang besar.

4. Survey. Pelajari panduan terkini. Panduan harga Handphone akan menghindarkan anda dari membayar Harga HP melebihi dari pasaran. Panduan harga dapat anda temukan di koran atau media yang banyak memuat panduan harga ponsel second seperti koran atau situs yang memuat secara lengkap Daftar Harga HP Second. Pelajari datanya dan sesuaikan dengan kemampuan kantong anda untuk membeli yang sesuai type cell phone yang anda inginkan.

5. Curiga. Hati-hati apabila anda ditawarkan seseorang sebuah Ponsel Second apalagi apabila yang ditawarkan terasa murah sekali baik di counter maupun dijalan. Memelihara rasa curiga akan lebih baik daripada anda membeli barang hasil tindak kejahatan atau semacamnya.

anda dapat membaca harga HP second dan baru di website ini, search aja di pojok kanan atas Hadphone search.
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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sony Ericsson M600i

Penampilan smartphone tidak harus tambun. Sony Ericsson M600i tampil lebih ramping dibanding pesaingnya. Sekilas bentuknya terlihat sederhana. Desain candy bar , kotak tanpa lekuk. Di tengah derasnya serbuan ponsel-ponsel di luar smartphone berdesain genit, tampilan luar Sony Ericsson M600i ini memang terlihat kurang menggoda.

Tapi, jika menaruh ponsel ini di jajaran ponsel-ponsel cerdas, desain M600i ini terlihat lebih menarik. Umumnya ponsel-ponsel cerdas yang ada di pasaran memiliki bodi yang tambun dan berat.

M600i memiliki ukuran 107 x 57 x 15 mm. Dimensi ini membuat ponsel tidak terlalu gemuk. M600i juga nyaman digenggam. Memasukkan ponsel ini ke dalam saku mungkin bukan ide yang baik. Tapi kalaupun cara ini ingin Anda lakukan, M600i tetap bisa berdiam diri di saku. Hanya saja saku Anda terlihat penuh.

Meskipun desainnya terlihat sederhana, kesan elegan masih terpancar dari ponsel yang bergerak di jaringan 900/1800/1900 MHz ini.

Ada dua warna yang tersedia untuk M600i, yaitu Granite Black dan Crystal White. Sedikit sentuhan warna biru yang ada di loudspeaker , bagian belakang bodi ponsel dan sytlus mempercantik desain ponsel.

Stylus ada di samping kiri bodi ponsel. Tata letak stylus di bagian kiri ini akan menguntungkan pengguna yang terbiasa menggunakan tangan kiri. Sebaliknya lokasi stylus ini membuat pengguna yang biasa beraktivitas dengan tangan kanan agak kesulitan menjangkaunya.

Tombol JogDial terletak di samping kiri bodi ponsel, tak jauh dari lokasi stylus. Anda bisa menggunakan tombol ini untuk bergerak dari satu menu ke menu yang lainnya. Anda bisa menemukan tombol Back di bawah tombol JogDial. Tombol ini akan mengantarkan Anda ke menu sebelumnya atau ke mode siaga. JogDial ini juga berfungsi sebagai tombol pengaturan volume.

Pada samping kanan bodi ponsel terdapat tombol untuk mengakses menu web. Tapi Anda bisa mendesain tombol ini untuk mengakses menu lainnya. Di samping kanan bodi ponsel juga terdapat slot memori eksternal Memory Stick Micro. Casing yang menutupi slot memori eksternal ini menjaga keutuhan desain ponsel.

Di bagian bawah terdapat port untuk konektor. Tombol power dan port inframerah terletak bersebelahan di bagian atas ponsel.

Layar ponsel terlihat cukup lapang. M600i memiliki layar TFT QVGA berukuran diagonal 2,6 inci. Kedalaman layar mencapai 262.144 warna dengan resolusi 240 x 320 piksel. Kualitas layar cukup maksimal. Satu bagian yang juga layak dicermati adalah slot kartu SIM. Tata letak kartu SIM ini agak unik. Slot ini terletak di bagian belakang di atas baterai ponsel. Pengambilan kartu SIM memerlukan sedikit usaha lebih. Anda perlu menarik lempeng warna perak keluar, lempeng ini kemudian mendorong kartu SIM hingga setengah bagian. Setelah itu Anda bisa menarik kartu SIM ini keluar.

Sony Ericsson mengadopsi tampilan awal ala peranti Windows Mobile. Tampilan pertama di layar setelah menghidupkan atau mengaktifkan ponsel adalah informasi tentang jadwal, daftar tugas dan pesan-pesan (SMS maupun e-mail) yang tersimpan di dalam ponsel.

Dengan tampilan seperti ini pengguna bisa dengan cepat mengetahui jadwal serta daftar pekerjaan yang sudah ditentukan sebelumnya, dan pesan-pesan yang ada. Semua data pengelola informasi pribadi ini ditampilkan di bagian tengah layar ponsel.

Di bagian bawah terdapat pintasan ke berbagai aplikasi ponsel: buku alamat (Contacts), browser web, speed contacts (untuk menelepon cepat), pesan-pesan (Messaging), serta Main Menu. Pintasan ini bisa diketuk dengan stylus, namun bila Anda bersikukuh menggunakan satu tangan jog dial bisa dimanfaatkan.

Salah satu yang bisa dibanggakan M600i adalah fitur messaging yang lumayan komplet. Aplikasi messaging dapat diakses langsung dari layar utama. Pesan pendek (SMS), pesan multimedia (MMS) maupun surat elektronik terpadu di dalam aplikasi ini. M600i mendukung baik akun e-mail POP3 maupun IMAP.

Terdapat dukungan juga buat push-mail. Namun ini mensyaratkan penggunaan Microsoft Exchange pada server e-mail. Peranti lunak terakhir ini banyak ditemukan pada server e-mail korporasi. Jadi fitur push-mail akan lebih banyak bermanfaat buat pengguna kantoran.

M600i juga mendukung fitur Remote Synchronization (penyelarasan jarak jauh) menggunakan protokol SyncML. Fitur ini jarang digunakan pengguna rumahan-mungkin karena terasa tidak banyak gunanya. Meskipun demikian fitur ini bisa bermanfaat besar untuk kalangan bisnis. Sebagai contoh penggunaan server SyncML kantor dan kalender yang bisa dibaca umum memudahkan koordinasi para karyawan.

Meskipun lebih ditujukan buat kalangan bisnis Sony Ericsson M600i ini cukup baik buat hiburan. Ambil contoh untuk memutar MP3. Ponsel ini dilengkapi dengan Music Player yang bekerja seperti Windows Media Player atau iTunes di komputer. Suaranya nyaring buat ukuran ponsel-pada lingkungan yang cukup tenang Anda bisa mendengarkan musik tanpa harus menggunakan earphone.

Tampilan di layar juga jernih-hal yang penting untuk menikmati video. Ponsel ini mendukung format 3GPP maupun MP4 (keduanya dirancang untuk peranti mobile), serta RealMedia. Tersedia juga dukungan buat video streaming.

Tinggal menunggu jaringan 3G terpasang dan kontennya tersedia.Dalam game ini dibundel game Golf. Selain turut memanfaatkan kejernihan layar game ini memamerkan tampilan tiga dimensi.
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