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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How to Get New Android Market Place – Download Apk

How to Get New Android Market Place – Download Apk

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Sometimes small small updates brings a smile for all of the mobile users. Be it a firmware update or any news about an update is just like a spark and we really feel to experience the same as soon as possible and possibly before its made public. We have seen with the Google Plus invites and now with another such thing that is with an all new Android Market Place which has just now got a face lift. Though the last update for the Android Market Place was a mere cosmetic change with a new interface which was not that major but now the new update for the Android Market Place is really refreshing and is much more appealing than ever before. So, in the due course of the article we will see on how you can update your phone so that you will get to use the new Android Market Place even before your friend or fellow Android user gets the same. You can also see that the Android Market Place has also got an all new icon which can be seen in the screen shot below.

Though this update for the Android Market Place is in the beta stages, and is pushed as a final version in some select parts of US, we will tell you on how you can get the swanky new update for your Market Place. This new update for the market Place is dubbed as the version with the version number as 3.0.26 and can be applied to any Android Phone irrespective of the model number and the place from where the phone belongs from. The best part and also the highlight of this new update is that if you have selected an option that is “Automatic Update” then you will get all the updates automatically and you don’t have to again set for automatic updates again which was the case with the older version of Android Market Place.
If you have a look at the new Market Place then its really streamlined and showcases the Android apps in a much more intuitive manner than before and also it gives a whole new lot of options. As soon as the market place opens up you will see that the “Featured” applications section is being shown where you will find a change compared to the previous Android Market version that the applications now shown are in the beautiful icon format than the earlier’s list format which was not that much visually appealing.

From the featured applications, if you have a look towards the left of the screen, you will see “Categories” section wherein you will see that there are many categories which are shown in the list format with a green theme colored pattern. Next towards right, there will be “Featured” section which we saw and after that towards right the next section is the “Top Paid” section wherein you will find all the top paid applications as shown in the screen shot below. All the “Top Paid” applications are shown in the 2 x 2 tiled format which again is a very visually appealing change compared to the earlier version of Android Market Place where everything was in the list format.

Now, after the “Top Paid” section, the next section is the “Top Free” applications section wherein all the applications are shown in the 2 x 2 format where in all the popular applications are shown that are right from Google Plus to the Angry birds to the facebook application, all free applications are listed at this section as the name itself suggests that its a section of free applications.

Next to the Top Free applications, you will see that there is a section called “Top Grossing” where in a mix of Top free as well as Top paid applications are grossed and are listed at this place. You can see the screenshot below wherein the section of Top Grossing section is being shown.

After this there are two new sections which have been added in this version of Android Market Place which are the “Top New Free” as well as the “Trending” sections as you can see in the below screen shot. Also, in these two sections all the applications are listed in the 2 x 2 icon format wherein all the applications are shown in an intuitive icon format unlike earlier’s overall view of the list format where in you had to go through many taps to get into the individual sections, but in this market place, all you need to do is to just slide the glass so as to go through various sections of the applications which are there in the Android Market Place. While in the Top new Free, all the applications which are new are listed here and in the “Trending” section you will gett o see all the applications which are downloaded maximum number of times by the users are being listed in this section as you can see in the below screen shots. So, now lets proceed and check out on how you can update your existing Android Market Place with the new one.

Procedure to Get new Android Market Place:
First up you will have to download the New Android Market Place Zip file in your computer after which you just need to unzip the same to get the apk file of the new Market. But in the process of extraction you will be prompted to enter the password and you will have to enter the password as
After extraction, you will get the apk file for your Android Market Place which you need to copy in your phone which you can do by connecting the phone with the computer by using the USB cable.
Now, from your phone you will have to open the same so that you can install this all new Android Market Place which will overwrite the existing Market Place in your Android Phone.
That’s it you have now successfully installed the latest Android Market Place in your Android device. Do let us know if you face any issues while updating with the same as we will ensure that you have no issues while you update your Android Market Place with the new one. So, all in all this new update of the Android Market Place is not only very visually appealing but also is very much user friendly as it has a very streamlined user experience.
Direct APK Download - New Android Market Place
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Android Market now has 100,000+ Apps

Android Market now has 100,000+ Apps
The Android Developer account on twitter just tweeted that they have surpassed 100,000 apps in the Android market. This news brings in the fact about the growth of the Android operating system, and its potential to hit the iOS pretty soon.
The Android marketplace was very limited to certain countries before, but after Android market got open to around 20 countries, the rise has always been there in the number of applications getting into the market, and even the download count was proportionately high.
Although iOS is still the dominating giant here, Android has been on a speedy growth, which indicates how well it may surpass the counts and stats of the Apple’s boasting numbers in the near future. Apple’s iOS has 280,000 apps in their market but the time in which Android has got the count of 100,000 is comparatively lesser, all thanks to the OS fragmentation among various devices.
And as Android’s next versions are already due, there are several expectations and so would be the developers ready to have their hands on newer stuff in Android.
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How to Re-Download Purchased Apps in Android Phone from Market

How to Re-Download Purchased Apps in Android Phone from Market

Some time you may accidentally remove application from your android mobile phone like Samsung Galaxy S. The free Android apps can be downloaded straightaway going to the app market but what if you lose the paid apps installed on your device. So does that mean that you need to repurchase the lost application again?
Fortunately you don’t need to repurchase those lost application again atleast for those users who are using Samsung Galaxy S & S2 or say any android phone with the latest operating system installed in it. There is a handy feature in this handset which allows you to get back the paid application without spending any money. Following is the simple guide which will help you.
Re-download of Paid Android Apps
On any of your Android Mobile Phones you need to use the Android market app to launch Market.
Go to your account and then press the Menu button.
Now navigate to the download option or my apps option.
Now in this section, scroll throughout the list of application that you have downloaded in the past. Find the application that you have lost, you would find the word “Purchase” next to it.
Once you have located it, re-download it.
With its download, you can enjoy the application again as it had never been removed from your phone. Apart from regaining access to your old app as it was previously on your device there is an alternative use of this option. You can clear up some space on your phone. If you like your app but also you need more space on your phone then uninstall the apps and further on when you need them install it back.
Video Tutorial Below :
We have gone through the video tutorial on how to re download the purchased apps at youtube. Search on Youtube.!! :D
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Best Native Torrent Client for Android with Better Download Speeds

Best Native Torrent Client for Android
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With mobile phone getting smart, now they are capable of downloading of torrents. Thanks to faster data streaming by the network provider and over Wi-Fi which has made possible to get faster download speed. You can now download torrents on your mobile phone and Android is the right platform for downloading torrents. With aDownloader application for Android mobile phones and tablets PCs you can download torrents. There is one advantage of it, you would no more require connection with your PC to transfer mp3 files, movies and TV shows as you can directly download it from your mobile phone.
aDownloader a torrent client available for all the smartphones which runs on Android. As a proud Android phone owner you can download thousands of apps available in the Android marketplace and even the third-party software’s too (in Android terminology software’s are called as apps). aDownloader provides download through various torrent providers and its mostly like a desktop torrent client on your mobile phone.
The following are the advantages of using aDownloader app –
An easy and quick way to find torrent from your mobile phone.
By default the torrent search would be through btjunkie but not most of the people knows, it provides search through various torrent search engines & through various providers like BTjunkie, Extratorrent, isoHunt, Kickasstorrents, Mininova, Monova, The Pirates Bay, Torrent downloads, Torrentreactory & Vertor clients. These settings of changing the search engine scan be found under the settings >General.
By default aDownloader downloads the torrent to SD card (It creates a folder by name aDownloader in your SD card when you install the app). You can easily change the download location by going to settings > General settings.
aDownloader is customized app which provides various theme which includes Green, Black and Orange. I love the default black color of it.
Just like your normal torrent you can also set download limit for each file that you are downloading through aDownloader.
The upload limit too can be modified.
The torrent DTH may increase your speed but consume more network resources and so the battery would be quickly drained out.
Select Filter options located in the settings will automatically filter the known files with the extensions. You need to make sure that you have entered the file extension correctly. By default it includes all the major known files formats like jpeg, doc, png, bmp, nfo, url, txt.
Other than that there are various other options like Maximum error retry, error retry interval, maximum connection, incoming port, seed-time limit, maximum downloading and maximum seeding.

So worried of the download speed? It’s clear that the download speed depends upon how you are connected with the data. With 2G networks you would be frustrated for sure, but 3G or 4G would surprisingly provide you with stable download speed. The more accurately stable download speed would be provided to you with Wi-Fi connection and transfer is dependent on what plan you have chosen with your internet provider.
aDownloader Downloads
aDownloader app for Android mobile phone can be download on to your mobile phone by following two methods –
Direct Download – It can be directly downloaded from Android App Labs.
Download Through QR Code –

Using the barcode reader application present on your mobile phone you can point the camera on to this QR code and easily download the apps.
To sum it up, aDownloader is a great application for those who are willing to download movies, mp3 and TV shows directly on to their mobile phone without the use of transferring files through PC or WiFi. We are pretty sure that aDownloader is the #1 app for the torrent download needs and it beats the other torrent applications on the Market today.
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Saturday, August 13, 2011

How To Update Samsung Galaxy S GT I9100 with Extra Ordinary ROM v 3.2

For all those who always wanted to go beyond the Stock ROMs then here comes the need for the Custom ROMs. So Update Samsung Galaxy S GT I9100, we thought on let’s make flashing or upgrading with the same simpler with the simple to understand instructions which still most of the forums doesn’t come forward as there are enough number of people who wanted to taste their devices with these custom ROMs. So for all Samsung Galaxy users if you are facing issues like force close errors, laggyness of the device and the overall interface then here comes a custom ROM called the Extraordinary ROM for Galaxy S which is not only the best of the lot custom ROMs which are available but also is the ROM which makes device faster than any of the Stock ROMs which is available as of now.
Please note that you will have to strictly follow the instructions as mentioned in the due course of this article or else there will be a high probability that you may end up bricking up the phone. Also keeping in mind about your convenience and safety we will see a series of instructions which are broken into the different sections like pre upgrade instructions, enhancements which come up in this version and then followed by the actual procedure to update with the Extraordinary ROM 3.2 which is basically the Gingerbread 2.3.4 based ROM and is the most stable ROM as of now. The best part of this version of firmware is that
Please note that before we proceed we would like to tell you that you will have to root your phone and in the process of rooting the device you will be losing the warranty but not to worry as you can easily revoke the root access at any point of time as by doing so you can reclaim the lost warranty. The simple way to revert back to the stock one is just follow with any of the procedures to update your Galaxy S like the latest one XXJVR, XXJVP or even any other ROM so as to revoke the root access.
So let’s proceed for the instructions one by one and just in case if you face any issues then all you need to do is to just follow the instructions from the start so as to facilitate smoother firmware update and the installation of the custom ROM of Extraordinary 3.2 version. Though there is a new 3.3 version which has been launched but it has been found that it’s really a very unstable version.
Please note that this update is only meant for the phone with the model number Samsung Galaxy S GT I9100 and not for any other similar looking models or similar sounding models like Samsung Galaxy S I9100 M or Captivate, Mesmerize or even other phones like Vibrant etc. If you still proceed to update the device then you may even end up bricking up your phone or some keys won’t be responding as per the functions which these keys are meant to do.
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Samsung Hercules SGH-T989 from T-Mobile is Galaxy S2 Variant

Samsung Hercules SGH-T989 from T-Mobile is Galaxy S2 Variant
Samsung Galaxy S is probably the best Android mobile phone but have a look at the Samsung Galaxy S II. The Samsung Galaxy S II is available in most of the countries and still it’s not yet launched in United States. We also have the announcement from Samsung about the low profile variant of S II in the form of Samsung Galaxy R. Here comes another news by T-Mobile’s that it would launch Samsung Hercules soon.
Samsung Hercules is rumored to be announced very soon by T-Mobiles. T-Mobile is very much anxious about Samsung Hercules as this would be the first HSPA+ 42 Mbps device on T-Mobile’s network.
The Samsung Hercules has got impressive 4.5 inches super AMOLED screen Plus display with Touchwiz interface. It sports an 8 megapixel camera on the rear side with 1080p HD video recording and 2 mega pixel camera on front facing (rumored).
It’s conformed that it would have Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system to NFC support. It has 16 GB of internal ROM, 1 GB of internal RAM and as usual microSD card can be expandable up to 32 GB.
Interestingly, everyone is looking out for the 42 Mbps HSPA+ connectivity in this mobile handset. We are not sure how far its true.
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Samsung Galaxy Tab 750, 8.9 India Launch This Month

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750, 8.9 India Launch This Month
Indians would finally get a taste of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 inches as it would be announced on August 10, at an event in New Delhi. The other news is that Samsung is back of recent strategy for naming the devices (GT S5780 Wave mobile is Wave 578), so likewise Galaxy Tab 10.1 would get a new name as Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 as its model number is GT-P7500.
Apart from that the new variants of Galaxy Tab 8.9 inches would soon follow its launch in India. For those who aren’t aware of Galaxy Tab, let me get your through a brief details of it. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 inches is the tablet launched by Samsung in reply to the Apple iPad 2 and Motorola Xoom. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has 10.1 inches display screen with 1280 x 800 pixel display. It features amazing 7000 mAh battery with 3 megapixel autofocus camera and 2 mega pixel front facing camera.
The tablet is 3G enabled and it will feature a 1 Ghz dual core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor with Android Honeycomb operating system. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 would be priced anything in between 32,000 to 36,000 and nothing can be conformed until the event. We have gone through the complete review of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.
Also gearing for the launch in the next month is the small variant of the above in the form of Galaxy Tab 8.9 which for the those buyers who find 10.1 inches tablet bulky and the 7.1 inches version of the same very small. The Galaxy Tab 8.9 inches will feature 8.9 inches screen with multi touch, Android Honeycomb OS and other thing is similar with Galaxy Tab 10.1. We have gone through the detailed review of Galaxy Tab 8.9 inches.
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Samsung Nexus S 4G Full Reviews About Features

Samsung Nexus S 4G Full Reviews About Features
Nexus S is a 4G smartphone developed by Samsung Electronics and Google. The Nexus S hit the market with new of being an Android 2.3 Gingerbread first smartphone and the first devices on Android to support NFC in hardware and software. This is the second co development from Google, while the first one being HTC Nexus One. The Nexus S was introduced at Web 2.0 Summit in November 2010 by Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Soon by December end the phone became available for purchase in December in US and UK.
While version of the phone was made available in March 2011 in UK. In India Samsung officially sales the unlocked version with Super LCD Screen which supports all the GSM based carriers.
Table of Content:
Samsung Nexus S 4G Hardware & Design
Samsung Nexus S 4G Software & Performance
Samsung Nexus S 4G Features
Samsung Nexus S 4G Camera
Samsung Nexus S 4G Battery Life
Samsung Nexus S 4G Price
Samsung Nexus S 4G Image Video Review
Samsung Nexus S 4G Image Gallery

Samsung Nexus S 4G Design & Hardware
The Samsung Nexus S 4G boards a 4 inches Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen which is capable of displaying 16 million different colors. The Super AMOLED screen is the best which splashes amazing color and richness even in the day time. The screen makes the difference when it comes to watching movies, reading ebooks.
It gets 1 GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor and the chipset is from Hummingbird with GPU acceleration provided by Power VR SGX540. To support that it has got 512 MB of RAM added. With the hardware it doesn’t compromises and so its provides amazing speed.
Its available in black and silver color though most of you would prefer to go with the black edition.The handset weights 131 grams and its very comfortable to hold in hands.

Samsung Nexus S 4G Software & Performance
The software of Samsung Nexus S 4G is completely similar to that one found in original Nexus S. The mobile handset includes carrier apps such as Sprint TV or Sprint Football Live in United States.
As I said this is the first Android mobile phone which gets Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system there is lot more to consider with it. With Android on your handset you get access to over 3,00000 apps available at your fingertips. This phone is pure Google and it runs all the Google apps and programs with amazing speed and smoothness.
So with the software makeup its perfect and has no issues.

Samsung Nexus S 4G Features
The multimedia supports on Nexus S 4G is good enough with stock players working well.It supports the playback of mp3, WAV, eAAC+, AC3, AMR, AMR NB, AAC, AAC+ formats of audio codec and MP4, H.263, H.264, MPEG 4. VP 8 for the video codec. As this mobile phone is on Android OS, it’s obvious to have quick launch apps like Google Search, Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Calendar, Google Talk and Picasa. It supports the playback of flash on various browsers through the included Flash Player 10.1.
The Wi-Fi hotspot feature in this mobile can help you share the incoming data stream over to 5 mobile phones and other Wi-Fi enabled devices. It gets 3.5 mm headset jack for universal headphones acceptance with plug and play feature. Though it doesn’t have expandable memory card slot but internal memory of 16 GB would be very much enough for you to strore media files, songs, office files, apps and other.
The Nexus S 4G being a Sprint device 4G runs on the WiMAX network. The phone includes connectivity through WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP & EDR and it has got NFC chip incorporated near the battery. It also includes a microUSB port for connectivity to PC and transfer via it.

Samsung Nexus S 4G Camera
The Nexus S has got an impressive 5 mega pixel camera with LED flash and autofocus. Though the latest trends in the mobile is the 8 mega pixel camera, the Nexus S in the next edition should update that. You can find touch focus too helping in taking pictures at its best. The video can be recorded with DVD quality at 720 x 480 pixels and it’s quite strange for a steller mobile phone. And its gets a front VGA camera which can be used for video calls and video chatting.

Samsung Nexus S 4G Gallery
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Samsung Nexus S 4G Battery Life
Samsung Nexus S 4G gets Lithium ion 1500 mAh battery which provides a talk time of 14 hours and a normal day usage of few email, messaging, limited phone calls and camera recording provides you a complete day back. The standby time is 713 hours during 2G usage and up to 428 hours during 3G usage.

Samsung Nexus S 4G Price
In United States it’s available for a price of US $ 529.99 with SIM unlocked and US$199.99 with 2 year contract with Sprint. In UK it’s available at price of £429.99 with SIM unlocked and free with 2 year £30 per month contract with Vodafone UK. In Serbia it’s priced at 380 Euro.
Overall, going through the specifications, hardware and features, the Google Nexus S 4G is a very good mobile phone. Though it runs on single core processor but its speed enough to provide you unadulterated Android experience and doesn’t miss any crucial features.
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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nokia N9 Launch Countdown, 49 Days Again

Although no longer a mainstay for the Nokia platform, does not mean the platform MeeGo unnoticed. Nokia seems to still prepare a handset MeeGo upscale ready to launch the Nokia N9, which today has emerged countdown launch on the Nokia site pages.

Nokia has announced it will be known as the emergence of Nokia N9 at Nokia Connection 2011 event in June. After that the device appeared on various news and reviews both in terms of specification, performance and results leaked pictures and video. Nokia N9 also was rumored to be coming soon in Indonesia.

If you see the countdown is displayed on the page is then N9 Nokia will start to come around September. This means consistent with previous news that informs that Nokia N9 will be available mid-September, is expected on 15.

Until now, not known for sure the selling price of this device and the date of emergence in Indonesia.
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Motorola Kore, Tablet Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwiches with Quad-Core Processor First?

Motorola Kore, Tablet Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwiches with Quad-Core Processor First?
Motorola is reportedly preparing a tablet device with the Android operating system 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. This device will be put on screen with a screen ratio of 4:3 as the iPad.

After exploring further, a device that is being prepared is likely to be called the Motorola Kore. This estimate was raised after it emerged that Motorola Trademark Holdings has registered five domains namely,,, and The fifth domain is likely to be used for a domain referral for tablets Android. Previous rumors have emerged regarding the appearance of Xoom 2. but after it emerged that a response to the Xoom is less good then maybe the Motorola brand to replace it with Kore. As is known according to the records Xoom Motorola sold about 250,000 units, still less than the sale of tablets such as transformers and other Android Apple tablet mainstay of iPad 2.

Note also that the future of the Motorla tablets will likely be the first tablet device that will use Nvidia processor Kal-el using four cores. It is becoming increasingly plausible given the word Kore has an association that leads to the processor used.
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Android is OS Open Source Most Closed

Android: OS Open Source Best Closed
This is the reality which must be received by the user of Android smartphone OS has always prided their openness. Indeed, Android is still a open source OS, but among his own community of Android is considered as the most closed.

It is known after doing research yng VisionMobile focus on their respective index values ​​of open governance, inclusiveness, transparency, and ease of access to the source code of each system of eight open-source OS that is Android, Eclipse, the Linux kernel, MeeGo, Firefox, QT , Symbian, and Webkit. In this research note Android scored lowest on open governance index that is only 23%. This value is far below the second lowest rank that is QT and Symbian which is 58%, and ranges from a quarter under the Eclipse is the most open OS with a value of 83%.

This low value according to VisionMobile because Android for Google is still controlled by a unilaterally develop and make decisions about Android. Still according to VisionMobile, ease in viewing a map of the Android development is also limited because it is not published by Google. ''In fact, the reality of progress is controlled by Google's Android with little input from outside developers or input from members of the Open Handset Alliance (OHA). When first released, OHA act as public advocates for business free. However, OHA is now only used as a ratification of the institution's open source Android without any contribution to the Android itself because it was developed by Google.''

Successive most open systems today is Eclipse with 84%, Linux 71%, 68% WebKit, Mozilla 65%, 61% MeeGo, Symbian and QT with 58%, and Android to 23%. Studies conducted by VisionMobile is funded by the European Union to find out what are the system and OS that most open today. This result does not change the closed source OS Android be, but be a little picture is not as open as Android if that had been predicted.

via ReadWriteWeb, ArsTechnica, visionmobile, Gizmodo
pic by androidmaster
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