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Sunday, September 25, 2011

BlackBerry Application Developer Gets More Money Than IOS and Android

BlackBerry Application Developer Gets More Money Than IOS and Android
We all know that RIM is in a state not so good, and a lot of BlackBerry users who complain that the application in the App World is lacking a lot. But a study conducted by Evans Data Corp. provides a platform where new facts that make the application developers to make lots of money and the results are quite surprising.

400 commercial developers who are interviewing and the results showed that 13% of BlackBerry application developers to make $ 100,000 of their application, which is said to be more than the developers of Android and IOS.

Of course this is not the same for any developer, not all developers that lucky, but this show is still strong ecosystem of BlackBerry, users still want to buy apps, they just need people to continue making the application.

Meanwhile, the Android Market app store is the most widely used by commercial developers with 47 percent of them use the Android Market, App Store while following behind with 43 ​​percent. But still a matter of money developers BlackBerry luckier than both its competitors.
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New LG Esteem Android

New LG Esteem Android
Complete Specifications Leaked LG Esteem, Android With 4G LTE
Some of the screenshot image of LG partners confirmed the latest LG phone, LG Esteem. This phone has a 1GHz Snapdragon processor specifications, 512MB RAM, 8GB storage, of 4.3-inch screen, 5MP camera can record 720p video, 1.3MP front camera.

Also LG Esteem will run on LTE in Metro PCS network with a capacity of 1500mAh batteries. Operating on the Android Gingerbread, and looks bertampilan latest version of Optimus UI.

According to the newspaper, LG Esteem will be priced at $ 249. But unfortunately the date of release has not been known clearly.
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Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S It Can Order Online

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S It Can Order Online

Although there has been no news about the presence of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc's in store, but according to GSM Arena, it managed to find one website for online purchase. The latest version of the Xperia Arc has differences with his predecessor as a 1.4 GHz processor (the Xperia Arc only 1 GHz).

For just a reminder, the Xperia's Arc is a phone with the Sony Bravia LCD screen of 4.2 inches, with 512MB RAM, 8MP camera that is able to play 720P 30fps HD video with continuous auto-focus. In addition to feature Sony Cybershot camera (eg, TX-9) are also incorporated into the ARC S, namely a 3D panoramic sweep mode. In addition, other advantages that carried the can create 3D images using the camera's Arc, which will be enjoyed by users other experia series output in 2011.

ARC S Teknokerz interested in? There are many color options are offered, among others, there are Pure White, Gloss Black, Misty Silver, Midnight Blue and Pink Sakura. Prices are priced by is $ 528.50.
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LG Optimus Hub Shown at the FCC

LG Optimus Hub Shown at the FCC
LG Optimus HUB Present Time In America In Close Early last month Optimus Hub launched in Italy is now the mobile phone has come to the FCC and in the near future seems to glide across America. According to the list of the FCC said that Optimus Hub will have a 850MHz and 1.900 MHz 3G support, which has been used by AT & T, Bell, Rogers and Telus.

Optimus Hub for the European version has a specification for 3.5-inch touch screen with 320x480 resolution, 800 MHz processor, also did not forget a 5MP camera with auto-focus. Contains Android 2.3 phone has a home button in the middle of the device body. Was this button will still exist in the version in the American view of this design is almost similar to Apple's design have?

There is still no official news about the release and price that will dibesut in Indonesia, but with specs like this Optimus Hub phone to categorize themselves as middle class.
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Is this the Motorola Xoom 2?

Is this the Motorola Xoom 2?
So far a lot of rumors about the successor of the Motorola Xoom 2. But this time it has emerged that alleged photo is next Nokia tablet, MZ617 aka Xoom 2. The sources said that the tablet weighs about the same as the previous Xoom, has an HDMI port and a micro USB, SIM card slot, micro SD slot but still not visible.

From the picture looks it has a front camera, rear camera with HD frills, and apparently has a 10.1-inch screen. In general, the design is similar to the Photon Droid 4G or HD, it looks like this is Motorola's new design theme. The processor is not known what kind of wear.

There is no operator logo on this tablet, but the SIM card slot is not confirmed if this version is a version of WiFi and the possibility of LTE. Well, this could be just a refresher version Xoom Motorola's first LTE network.
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AT & T Unveils Push Update Mango on 27 September

AT & T Unveils Push Update Mango on 27 September
AT & T will launch a push to start the official update to Windows Phone Windows 7.5 Phone Mango to devices that already exist next week. Surround HTC, LG and Samsung Focus Quantum will receive updates that will begin on Tuesday September 27, while the HTC HD 7 will receive a Mango before the end of October.

This news BGR didapar an internal memo from AT & T. To update to Mango, users simply connect the Windows Phone to the computer and open the Microsoft Zune. Windows Phone Mango provide about 500 new features, some that are important include: Threads, Groups, App Connect, Multitasking, People Hub, Multiple Email Accounts, and Internet Explorer 9
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Best 7 New Features of iPhone5

Best 7 New Features of iPhone5
7 Features that the iPhone5 takes to Stay Competitive with Android
The presence of the iPhone 5 is getting closer. However, until now rumors are circulating still can not show a consistent leak about how the shape and the specifications of one of these dream gadget.

If you see competition in the smartphone market today are increasingly stringent, the presence of the iPhone 5 according to some party must have excellent features that have not or are rarely used by other smartphones. However, in addition to the features of surprise, the iPhone 5 also requires the latest features and the ability to remain one of the technology user's favorite gadget is:

Improved hardware: Some Apple competitors such as Samsung, LG, and Motorola have released dual-core smartphone. Therefore, the iPhone must use at least 5 prosesr A5 1.2-1.5 GHz dual-core processors like the iPad 2 plus 1GB of RAM.
The new OS: Launch of the new iPhone is always accompanied by a new mobile operating system, in this case IOS 5. Reportedly there were 200 new features that will be included here in which the system of notification and iMessage addition of new applications such as the Reminder and Newstand
The screen is better: iPhone 5 is rumored to be having retinal display screen that meets the sides with a size of 4 inches. The screen is also curved so it is rumored to better protect user privacy. It is expected the iPhone screen 5 will be equal to or better than the Samsung screen Galaxy S2 mounted touch screen AMOLED Super Plus, such as Quantum Dot screen with LED technology that absorbs much less power but the quality is equivalent to the OLED display.
Near Field Communication: Samsung S2 supports NFC chip that facilitates data exchange and connection through touch. There was news earlier that says that the new iPhone will use Qualcomm chips with NFC capability, but the possibility of a new implementation in the iPhone 6.
Battery life is better: Samsung Galaxy S2 is able to survive 10 hours with 1650 mAh battery, while the iPhone 4 only lasted 7 hours in 3G networks. Usually the new iPhone will be better than the previous iPhone in this section, so for this is not too worried.
Larger memory: Application of the growing need of storage space is greater. It is expected the iPhone 5 has an internal storage option 16, 32, and 64 GB.
4G Connection: Though the latest iPhone that is currently circulating is the iPhone 4, but Apple's smartphone is not a feature of 4G. Because current technology is being developed in various parts of the world then the iPhone 4G 5 should have the support of this.

Is Apple able to bring all of these prerequisites into the iPhone 5 or even mengunggulinya? Let's wait on 4 October.
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Apple Maybe Prepare Medium Quad-Core Processors

Apple Maybe Prepare Medium Quad-Core Processors
Based on the search performed on the source code of Apple's Xcode developer tools, Apple is known to have slipped a reference that will support quad-core processors. Four-core processors are expected to be incorporated into the model of the iPhone, iPad, and the latest iPod touch.

According to Ars Technica, in the source code contained references Fleet Cortex A9 processors when interpreting the CPU to be optimized. In the code written PJ4B which is a CPU design specifically optimized at Fleet XP Marvell quad-core processors.

It most likely from the inclusion of quad-core source code according to Foresman from Ars Technica is that Apple may use the Marvell chip quad-core processor in the iPhone and iPad prototype. Could be also that it is used for the Mac Book Air which is used in the trial preparation of the upcoming quad-core products.

So, should wait for Apple's quad-core products for the next dream gadget, or just wait for the iPhone 5 dual-core processors are likely to be announced on 4 October?
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Saturday, September 24, 2011

SHV-E120L Samsung Leaks, Upper Class Specifications

SHV-E120L Samsung Leaks, Upper Class Specifications
SHV-E120L Samsung Leaks, Upper Class Specifications with Jumbo Display
Manufacturing smartphone from Samsung of South Korea is also preparing a master of Android to the market in South Korea. Samsung will release SHV-E120L which has a screen size of 4.7 inches with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.

Inside this Android smartphone there are also many top class specifications such as Qualcomm Snapdragon processor dual-core 1.5GHz, 1GB RAM, 16GB of internal memory, plus a rear camera and front camera 2MP 8MP. Another feature of note is the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC. In addition there are also MDM9600 Gobi chipset that indicate the ability of LTE, HSPA and CDMA.

Screen size-E120L Samsung SHV this means is larger than the LG LU6200 which has similar specs. With a screen size limit, this smartphone can be a favorite product for some people but can also be a product that is considered less fit, especially if for bagged.

SHV-E120L Samsung will be present in South Korea in October. Unfortunately there is no information about the plans availability outside South Korea including the selling price.

via GSMArena, Engadget, Pocketnow
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Verizon - Windows Phone Will Blackberry Drowning

Verizon - Windows Phone Will Blackberry Drowning
Currently the smartphone operating system market is one market with the most rapid changes. Look at how the Nokia rather than Symbian Phone Windows, and HP are deadly WebOS. Two top is between IOS and Android, while the third place to the struggle between Windows Phone and Blackberry OS which offers its flagship ecosystem respectively.

This was stated by Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam who believe that the Windows Phone will eventually occupy the third place by defeating the Blackberry OS. When speaking in front of Goldman Sachs Communacopia conference, McAdam said that the operator will begin to join the ecosystem around the need for third (out of IOS and Android), and in his opinion it would be a third ecosystem struggle between RIM - Micrososft, and Microsoft will eventually win the battle with RIM.

Windows Phone now have got the Mango updates from Microsoft that is claimed to bring about 500 new features, while RIM has also released Blackberry OS 7 along with several new handsets which one it was Dakota who was praised by many critics as the best Blackberry handsets so far.

Who will eventually be able to compete with the IOS and Android?
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Hatsune Miku 3D Shown With Toyota Corolla 2011

Hatsune Miku 3D Shown With Toyota Corolla 2011

Toyota Motor has just released application for iPhone users and Android by holding a virtual pop star from Japan who named Hatsune Miku. Hatsune Miku will perform on a virtual stage next to a Toyota Corolla 2011.

To be able to see the action onstage Hatsune Miku, Teknokerz should download the application Toyota Shopping Tool and scan the 2D barcode called ToyoTag. After the scanning process it would appear that perform Miku in 3D.

For those who are not familiar with Hatsune Miku, she is a singer who's existence and its vowel sound is the result of artificial Crypton Future Media. Miku is very popular in Japan with her ​​voice graced more than 100,000 songs and videos that have been remixed.
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Optimus EX Figure Appears Again with More Complete Specifications

LG Optimus EX again found the pictures leaked recently
After the first leaked two days ago, LG Optimus EX again found the pictures leaked recently. Besides images, leaked this time also include a variety of superior features of one of the top-end smartphones this South Korean manufacturer.

LG SU880 Optimus Ex will run Google's Android-powered 2.3 Gingerbread Nvidia Tegra 2 1.2GHz processors supported by the ULP GPU GeForce (AP25). The screen size of 4 inches WVGA resolution NOVA IPS type. There is also a 5 megapixel autofocus camera that can record 1080p video even without the flash. ROM installed 8GB with 1GB of RAM, plus a slot for microSD cards up to 32GB of storage space. Meanwhile, several other standard features like other smartphones upscale.

Despite using 1500 mAh batteries, Optimus EX only weighs 127 grams with a thickness of 9.65 mm. Will be provided two color choices are black / silver and white / champagne gold for SK Telecom's mobile network users in South Korea. Release date and price of this smartphone is not yet known, including its availability outside of South Korea.
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Phone Xiaomi Support the Android Vanilla ROM MIUI

Phone Xiaomi Vanilla

Get the Gingerbread
Phone Xiaomi Vanilla Next Month, Ice Cream Sandwiches in January 2012.
As Teknokerz know Xiaomi phone is a phone that will support the Android Vanilla ROM MIUI and although not simultaneously on a dual-partition it. Dual partition system is a new unique feature owned by the phone Xiaomi, which means we can install two OS (MIUI, and other OS such as Android). We can have a stable OS on the one hand and tried the beta OS on the other side, so that when one of the OS there is a problem we can easily return to a stable OS.

But the latest news from Xiaomi CEO, Lei Jun, informed him that his ROM 2.3.5 Vanilla Android will be released this October is not too long ago from the launch of his own cell phone.

In addition, Lei Jun also announced that it will also launch a 4.0 Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches in January 2012. The release by the parties themselves Xiaomi expected after 2-3 months after the time set by Google to release the new OS.
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10 Gadgets That Most Prohibited

10 Gadgets That Most Prohibited

10 Gadgets That Prohibited Supply In Some Countries World
Not all gadgets are well received in some parts of the world. Here are 10 popular gadgets are banned in several countries of the world:

Israel banned the iPad: iPad because Israel banned for gadgets interfere with the WiFi signal in the vicinity.
UAE and Saudi Arabia to ban Blackberry: Blackberry considered to endanger national security by denying access to the government to their servers.
Germany banned the Galaxy Tab 10.1: Occurs with Apple's patent infringement.
America prohibits the use of iPod and iPhone headset on the road to reduce car accidents.
North Korea to ban mobile phones: After the explosion in Ryongchon, North Korea's government had banned cell phones even though the prohibition was finally repealed in 2008.
Cuba also had to ban cell phones in the era of Fidel Castro led the country. But since Fidel fell and was replaced by his brother, the phone may be circulated back in Cuba.
India to ban cell phones and gadgets from China: The reason is because the products of Chinese origin have a tendency to get spyware and malware and do not have IMEI numbers that can harm the user's mobile phones and gadgets in India.
Britain banned Plasma TV: This is done by reducing the impact of global warming. Later, the European Union also supports this program.
State of California in the United States banned the use of TV sets because of wasteful energy
Australia prohibits the use of laser pointers. Australia considers a laser pointer can be abused to be a weapon and the use of pointers in the class will be subject to a fine of 5000 dollars.
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Google+ is Free Opened To Public

Google+ is Free Opened To Public
Google+ is Opened To Public, Merge Without Invitation
At the beginning of the launch, Google limit the users who can access social networking sites, Google +. But since it seems to be the status of Google + static, Google finally taking steps to open the Google + for a general, all users can sign up without the need to get recommendations from friends. From the time period to join only through invitation, Google + has been harvesting users by more than 25 million users.

To menyemarakan Google + opening to the public, Google is inviting of The Black Eyed Peas to cut the ribbon opening the event. will be in Hangout On Air, a feature of public broadcasting the new Google + on 21 September.

Hangout On Air itself is one Hangout event created by Google. Another event is the Hangout Hangout for mobile users Android 2.3 or above with possible compatible with the IOS. Hangouters can also share doodles (coret-coretan/sketsa), screen shots and Google Docs and named his work as desired.
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HTC Raider 4G Has Launched

HTC Raider 4G Has Launched

Officially Announced HTC Raider 4G, LTE Similar HTC Mobile Holiday
HTC has officially launched the smart phone in South Korea today called HTC Raider 4G. Having QHD screen of 4.5 inches, it will also contain Android Gingerbread, dual-core processor 1.5 Ghz, 1GB RAM, 16GB of internal storage, bertampilan HTC Sense 3.0, 8MP camera and can play and record video FullHD 1080P, 1.3MP front camera, WiFi b / g / n, Bluetooth 3.0 and GPS.

When tested speed connectivity using LTE networks in South Korea, this phone has recorded speed to 100Mbps download and 50Mbps for upload. Whereas with a recorded speed HSPA network is 21Mbps for downloading and 5.76Mbps for uploading.

For release in other countries there is still no official news from the HTC, as well as about the price that will be priced by
HTC Raider 4G.
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Apple iPhone 5 Launch at October 15 2011

Apple iPhone 5 Launch at October 15 2011

Apple Announces New iPhone 5 Ready in October 4 2011.
After many rumors circulating that are not necessarily, like the emergence of the iPhone 5 is certainly the time. This is because according to information from insiders, Apple is preparing the launch of new devices on 4 October. This launch will be led by Tim Cook, Apple's new CEO. He will be accompanied by Phillip W. Schiller (Senior VP, Worldwide Product Marketing), Scott Forstall (Senior VP, IOS Software) and Eddy Cue (Senior VP of Internet Software and Services).

Gadgets that will be launched also remains mysterious. Besides the iPod, the new generation iPhone is also expected to be raised, although not yet known whether there will be two models of the iPhone or just one. While few expect the presence iPad 3 at the event.

If the date of October 4th is the date of announcement of the iPhone then the date of October 15 launch date will be quick, if confirmation of Orange France some time ago used as a benchmark. But it seems Apple fans are already looking forward to remember the iPhone 4 is one year old and a lot of competitors who have made new devices with better specs than the iPhone 4.

Besides the iPhone, launch date could be the official date of launch of new mobile operating system that is IOS 5. Currently operating system is almost reached version of GM (Golden Master). just waiting an Apple iPhone 5 Launch at October 15 2011 coming soon.
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Adobe announces Flash 12 and Will Launch

Adobe announces Flash 12 and Will Launch
Adobe announces Flash 12 and will release AIR 3 in Early Octobe.Adobe has just announced it will provide a Flash 11 and AIR 3 in the various operating system platforms in early October. This plugin will be provided Adobe to Android, IOS (via AIR), BlackBerry Tablet OS, Mac OS and Windows.

The main features provided in the new version of Flash is the ability to run 3D graphics with hardware acceleration. It also enhanced the ability of Flash in case if the combined 2D processing performed 1000 times faster than Flash 10 and AIR 2.

Adobe AIR 3 will support native extensions (default). In addition there are also features 'captive runtime' which developers can automatically include AIR 3 in their application so that it can simplify the installation process the application.

Another added feature of these lending options and subscriptions to content providers, content protection antarplatform supported, as well as HD quality video that can be played on any platform.

Check out the video below to learn more about the features:
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Samsung Note Galaxy Will Launch in United Kingdom

Samsung Note Galaxy Will Launch

SAmsung Note Galaxy Will Present at the UK end of November
After yesterday announced earlier this month, reportedly Note Galaxy will not enter the American market, but lovers of Samsung in the UK can still enjoy this new mobile phone. British Retailers, Clove, recently announced the pre-orders for the Galaxy Note although no release date and price is uncertain, but likely to be present in late November and priced at $ 780.

This uncertainty also led to pre-order system at Clove just a commitment to purchase and has not cost you anything. For the reminder of the Galaxy Note has SAMOLED screen of 5.3 inches with HSPA + and LTE networks, dual-core processor 1.4 Ghz, 8MP camera is also a 2MP camera front. Note Galaxy will also weighs about 178 grams with the thickness of 9.65mm. And next Samsung Note Galaxy Will Launch in United Kingdom.
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