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Friday, July 29, 2011

New HTC Omega Will Launch - Windows 7 phone

New HTC Omega Will Launch - Windows 7 phone
A leaked HTC smartphone based on Windows 7 Phone visible in the form of a cover. Gadgetian claims that the cover is the property of Omega HTC Mango that will run the update if it is available by Microsoft.

Leaked specifications of the smartphone HTC Omega are:

SLCD screen 3.8 "800 x 480 pixels
Qualcomm CPU is single core 1.5 GHz
16GB memory
+ + 8mp autofocus camera LED flash
720p HD video recording
Bluetooth 2.1, GPS, WiFi, FM Radio
HSDPA 7.2 Mbps and 2 Mbps HSUPA
With these specifications, it seems HTC Omega is a smartphone for the middle class. It will probably be the successor of the HTC Mozart?
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

HTC Flyer Current Fastest Tablet Single Core

HTC Flyer Current Fastest Tablet Single Core

As if not to be outdone, HTC finally joined his first android release tablets are HTC Flyer. Supported by the Android OS Gingerbread and support high hardware specification became one of serious consequence to the HTC in tablet enliven competition in world markets. These tablets are sold at a price of about 7 million dollars in bonuses Scribe Pen or Stylus.

Main Specifications HTC Flyer
HTC Flyer Current Fastest Tablet Single Core
GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
HSDPA 900 / 1700 / 2100
Capacitive 7-inch LCD screen, 600 x 1024 pixels, 16 million colors
Single Core 1.5 GHz processor
Gingerbread Android OS 2.3.3
HTC Sense UI
1GB RAM Memory
32GB Internal Memory
Dolby Surround SRS Mobile
5 MP camera
4000mAh Li-Ion Battery

2.Desain and Bodi
HTC Flyer body made of aluminum material body glance looks similar to the body iPad. The design is quite luxurious with a dominant color and a little silver and white color combination. With a screen size of 7 'HTC Flyer relatively lightweight, weighing only 420.8 grams. HTC Flyer is more directed to the use of landscape position.

3.Tampilan and Inter-face
As in other HTC Android smartphone, the HTC Flyer also been using the HTC Sense UI. This design by our very good and very easy for us in its use. HTC Sense on the front page there are 8 pages that you can customize with a variety of shortcuts and widgets available. There are many interesting features on the HTC Sense UI that will help us. Scribe Pen Stylus usage or an added value of the HTC Flyer especially for those of you who always move out, every touch of the Scribe Pen will take a picture (screen capture), which you can doodle whatever you like. One of the advantages that are not owned by its competitors.

Some of the advantages of HTC Sense UI:

When the screen is locked, you can easily get into the applications you want. How, by dragging and put the application icon you want to be on the homescreen to the bottom of the screen where there is a circle and point to the circle, and voila application will open.
Homescreen on the HTC Flyer displayed in 3D, where if you are to lead to the very end of the screen, then going back to the first screen, keep spinning.
The use of Scribe Pen is a multi function, can be used as pen, markers, highlighters and more. The use of color can also be replaced.
Tap the menu button, home and back will come with screen rotation.
A separate full QWERTY keyboard for ease of typing on this tablet.

4.Messaging and Email
HTC Flyer supports connection via GSM card and have an SMS feature that you can use to communicate. And as smartphones android generally Flyer also supports Gmail feature complete with all of its features such as push notifications, read, reply and forward email messages. Gmail on the Flyer also supports multi-account. There are also features of Mail and you can add your other email account through Microsoft Exchange, POP3 or IMAP.

Contact menu on the Flyer is the People. You can save the contacts you want and can be categorized into groups as you want. Contacts can be distributed as a business card via SMS, MMS, Email or Bluetooth.

Especially in the category of groups you can see the contact information you store with more detail, direct contact that is synchronized with a short message, email, photos, etc..

Flyer Gallery on the menu is very complete and functioning very maximum. In addition to displaying images can also view a video. Slideshow feature has also been embedded in this gallery of the HTC Flyer. Besides seeing all the photos and videos that exist on your storage memory, the gallery can also open an image or video from Facebook, Flickr and Media Servers.

7.Music Player and Video Player
Music on the Flyer has a view that is quite interesting is equipped with a large album art in the middle of the screen. Music can be selected based on several categories, namely:

Music Player is also equipped with Dolby Mobile SRS surround sound and equalizer when using headphones.

Video Player Flyer can run DivX/Xvid/MP4/H.263/H.264/WMV video format. Video can be played smoothly and the excess is present in a very good speaker quality suarannya results.
The results released by the speakers sound very loud and clear Flyer, is quite satisfactory when playing songs or videos.

8.Camera and Camcorder
HTC Flyer is equipped with two cameras. The main resolution 5 MP camera with a maximum size of 2592x1944 pixels and autofocus features. While the second camera in front of only 1.3 MP resolution. The images generated by the main camera is quite bright and clear, but the images when zooming in too sharp not remember the screen is wide enough so the results are less than the maximum, but we think kamerannya better results than the Tablet 7 class.

The results of an indoor camera

Flyer camcorder can record video at up to HD 720p or equivalent. The result is quite bright and clear, and sound captured by the mic on the Flyer is great, his voice loud, clear and quite clear. Output produced in the form of 3gp.

Results Videotape
HTC Flyer Current Fastest Tablet Single Core

The browser on the tablet android Flyer as other HTML formatting. With 7-inch touch-screen support will maximize the moments of your browsing. Equipped with standard features such as Flash Player android browser, Javascript, Multi Tab, and others. In a similar arrangement with any other android browser.

In terms of performance, the browser on the Flyer worked very responsive and fast thanks to support 1.5 GHz processor all running smoothly. HTC Flyer in a browser capable of opening up to 6 pages simultaneously.
HTC Flyer Current Fastest Tablet Single Core

Connectivity contained on the HTC Flyer:

HSDPA 14.4 Mbps
HSUPA 5.76 Mbps
Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n Wi-Fi hotspots
Bluetooth v3.0 with A2DP
Micro USB 2.0
Micro SD
GPS with A-GPS
Congenital 11.Aplikasi HTC Flyer

DocsToGo: this application to create, view and edit office documents like word, excel and powerpoint.
Dock Mode: Such applications for entry into the desktop mode. From this menu you see a photo slideshow or view the widgets, and calendar.
FriendStream: This application can be synchronized with your Twitter account and Facebook. You can immediately see the status updates, photos, etc. directly from the application without having to open Twittter FriendStream or Facebook anymore.
Polaris Office: application for viewing documents in txt format.
Teeter: HTC built a game application.

12.Aplikasi Third Party
All third-party applications such as Angry Birds, Fruit Slices, Asphalt 6 HD all running smoothly and perfectly. Lag does not occur at all due to support 1.5 GHz processor on the Flyer. And display the resulting graph is also nice and backed by excellent sound quality produced by Dolby Mobile SRS Surround speakers.


Quadrant Standard: 1721 points
Antutu Test: 2730 points
Neocore Test: 50.9 points
Linpack test: 55.74 MFLOPS / 1.5 sec
Multitouch: 6 Touch of concurrent

14.Daya Hold Batteries
HTC Flyer uses Li-Ion battery with 4000mAh capacity. Battery consumption on the HTC Flyer probably feels a little wasteful because it is caused by a 1.5 GHz processor speed. With the intense use is likely to last only about 20-24h

In the performance of the HTC Flyer is no doubt, the speed and smoothness that is supported by HTC Senses latest UI is very responsive. Support 1.5 GHz processor capable of devouring make Flyer heavy applications and games smoothly and without hindrance. Multimedia features is quite complete and with support for Dolby Mobile SRS Surround speaker makes HTC Flyer superior in sound quality compared with other Android Tablet. Unfortunately the prices are about 7 million dollars is too much and the battery consumption is quite large due to the speed of processor to 1.5 GHz.


High specification
High Performance
HTC Sense UI
Scribe Pen greatly assist the work (see first video)
SRS Surround Speaker Dolby Mobile
Lightweight and elegant designs

Over Price
Battery consumption is less wasteful
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New Pixcom Android Tab Review Gallery

New Pixcom Android Tab Review Gallery

Pixcom local phone vendor has issued a tablet Android. Sail 7-inch tablet named AndroTab. Its superior features include:

Android 2.2 Froyo
7-inch capacitive screen resolution of 800x480 pixels
GSM networks, 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS
VGA front camera and behind the camera 5MP
600MHz processor and 512MB of RAM

Design and Bodi
For the design and the body was pretty good. The front is glossy black as smartphones or tablets in general. Meanwhile, the back is a glossy white. SIM card slot, USB port, micro SD slot and a 3.5mm audio jack around the sides of the tablet. To the front wearing a touch button, but in the dark this button is not lit so it is not visible. Speaker was in the front, large enough but not left-right. Meanwhile, 0.3 MP camera in front of and behind the 5MP camera, keduannya not equipped with flash. This tablet was quite heavy. Overall design is pretty good, but the speakers on the front a little less.
New Pixcom Android Tab Review Gallery
Pixcom AndroTab Review Gallery

Sales Package
AndroTab fairly complete sales package, including:

warranty card
user manual
3.5mm headset
car kit charger
leather gloves
8GB micro SD in the tablet

New Pixcom Android Tab Review Gallery
The interface of this tablet can be seen in 3 directions. But for the homescreen page and main menu screen is not rotating, only in the application only. The interface is very typical of native Android interface. Homescreen consists of 5 pages that have been fixed, and can be added to Shortcuts, Widgets, Folders, Wallpaper.
Pixcom AndroTab Review Gallery

The main menu a la Android black background, the menu is quite smooth movement. The composition of the menu and the layout is fixed and unalterable. Present notification bar to display the email, SMS, or other notifications.

Text Input
Text input method that is in AndroTab only Android keyboard only, with settings such as vibrate, sound on, auto-capitalization, quick fixes, suggestions and auto complete. For typing is no problem because the screen is already using capacitive type and is quite responsive.

Contact can disintegrasikan with Facebook accounts, Twitter and your Gmail. To contact your usual can add email, zip code, organization, IM, notes, nicknames, websites and birthday. Phonebook capacity is not unlimited.
Pixcom AndroTab Review Gallery

The tablet has GSM and 3G networks, and can send SMS. Conversations appear in the format of threading / chat mode. To use SMS very easy and intuitive as tablet / smartphone Android usual. MMS and SMS editors are combined, by adding your multimedia files, then the SMS will be MMS.
Pixcom AndroTab Review Gallery

Gmail as usual must complete Android smartphones and tablets very well, with push notification, multiple accounts, signatures, labels and others. Additionally, with one Gmail account you can surf to find application in the market, chatting via Gtalk. Yahoo will need to set manually, or use Yahoo Mail application. Chatting via Gtalk also supported push notification to facilitate your communications.

Pixcom AndroTab Review Gallery

The camera that complements this tablet resolution is quite large, with a maximum resolution of 5 MP. VGA front camera can also be used to take pictures and record video. Rear camera features include: color effects, focus mode (auto, macro and normal), resolution, quality, ISO, auto exposure, anti-appeal, and white balance. Geo tagging can be used to store the location shooting.

The results of the standards alone camera, even has a 5MP. The results are somewhat purplish, and not as sharp as belonging 5MP camera mobile phone. In the light entering the room too few and a lot of noise.

Video Recording
The video recorder can record up to Andro Tab with WVGA resolution, depending on the video encoder that you choose, H263, H264 or MPEG4. Similarly, audio encoder, no AMR NB and AAC. In addition there is the duration of the video, the maximum limit of 10 minutes or 30 minutes. Besides the only other color effect settings and white balance.

Video recordings in pretty good WVGA resolution with 25 frames per second framerate and bitrate 1800-2000kbps. Within 20 seconds the resulting file 3657KB. Here are results of the videotape. :

Typical 3D Gallery Androidlah used by AndroTab. There is a fairly slow process of rendering every opening of the tablet camera. Browsing photos are standards, such as phone / tablet other standard Android .. Pinch and zoom in the photo gallery can be done. We can immediately make sharing pictures via MMS, email, Bluetooth and Gmail. Then there are images that can be used as wallpaper, in the crop, or rotated.
Pixcom AndroTab Review Gallery

Video player
Mp4 format other than HD and can not be played on this tablet. To mp4 can play up to VGA resolution (Mp4 downloads from Youtube other than HD resolution)
Pixcom AndroTab Review Gallery

Music Player
Music player interface is the same as the default music player other Android, which divides by Artists, Albums, Songs, Playlists and the Now Playing, as well as displaying album art. Unfortunately there is no equalizer to increase the output quality. Speaker output is quite fast, although the quality is average.

AndroTab runs on quadband and 3G networks. Then the local connectivity is a-GPS, Bluetooth 2.1, WiFi and USB (for mass storage, PC syncing, modem, and debug mode), in general connectivity is reasonably complete, it's just a USB port that is used quite strange, with a different port itself from tablets / other Android smartphones usually wear a mini USB or micro USB. These tablets can be used WiFi tethering as in tablet / smartphone Froyo other.

Web Browsing
Web browser support up to a maximum of 8 tabs. Meanwhile, pinch and zoom can be done smoothly. To open the mobile site is very fast, but when opening a non mobile / desktop performance is rather slow, perhaps because the specifications are not too high. This tablet Web browser can not play flash files

Default Applications
Applications to read CHM files, UMD, TXT, PDB, HTML.

ES File Explorer
File manager to browse from your Android phone storage.

Google Maps application that accompanies this tablet is already version 5.6.2, but when they want to see 3d maps can not.

Third Party Applications
Angry Birds

This game runs smoothly, although there is sometimes a little lag.

Benchmarking Results
3D Neocore: 40.0 fps
Linpack: 7:15 MFlops in 11.72 seconds
Quadrant Standard: can not

Battery Life

Battery endurance is quite good, as we review the day there are still about 20% battery remaining.


With prices that do not AndroTab to 3 million plus bonus the sales package is abundant enough to make the tablet is quite interesting to be purchased. However, the features and performance is still quite mediocre for a local brand tablets.


Capacitive screens
Package sales of many bonuses
Front of the camera back
GSM and 3G networks

Performance standards
The results of the camera is not too good
Can not play HD video
Does not support flash on the browser
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Review Tabulet Beat with Full HD 1080p Display

Review Tabulet Beat with Full HD 1080p Display

Tabulet has just introduced one of the newest products Tabulet Beat. Tabulet Beat is a Digital AV Player that can play video up to Full HD 1080p resolution in a variety of formats such as avi, mp4, avi, etc.. Beat Tabulet rencanya be priced at around 800 thousand.

In addition to the audio and video player Tabulet Beat can also be used as an Android device, but not much can be done when the Beat goes on the Android OS. The lack of connectivity to be the main reason for the Android OS on the Beat can not do much. Excess Beat Android OS is not on but the multimedia capabilities.

Main Specifications:
Review Tabulet Beat with Full HD 1080p Display
4.3 inch Touch Screen
1080p full HD video support
Built-in FM radio
Android OS
Weight 185 grams (very light and portable)
Multi Format Video & Music Player
4GB Internal Memory
External memory Micro SD up to 32GB
Sales Package

Tabulet Beat
Adapter Charger
Mini USB Data Cable
Audio & Video Cable for TV output
User user
Warranty card
Sticker Tabulet
Design and Bodi
The design of the Beat looks like a tablet but the screen measures just 4.3 inches. The body is made of a lightweight plastic material and white whole. At the front of the plain only a logo Tabulet decorated in the lower right corner. On the back of the body there is a hole in the left speaker and in the middle of the body there is the logo Tabulet.

At the top there are 4 physical buttons are:
Review Tabulet Beat with Full HD 1080p Display
Power button / Lock
Menu button
The Volume Up / Down
Escape key
Beat on the right side there is a Micro SD slot and you can add a Micro SD sampe with 32 GB.

Beat on the left side there are 3 holes that jack adapter for charging hole, hole mini usb data cable for audio and 3.5-mm hole.

On the down side just plain and there is only one small hole that serves to reset the Beat.

Tabulet Beat Review Gallery
Display and Inter-face
At turning Beat Tabulet you will be faced with 2 choices of Tabulet and Android. Select Tabulet to boot in the Digital AV player mode.

The display on the Digital AV Player mode
At the beginning there is one line of the main menu at the bottom of the menu consists of 7 pieces, namely:

This menu is a music player that can play a variety of fotmat include MP3, WMA, AAC, M4A, OGG, WAV, FLAC, APE, etc..

In the Music menu you will be faced with a choice of several options:

Current Play: containing the song is playing, similar to the Now Playing on other music players.
All: contains all the songs contained in Tabulet Beat or on your Micro SD.
Artist: you can sort songs by artist that sings the song category.
Album: You can sort songs by song album category.
Style: sorting your favorite songs through musical genres.
Year: you can do sorti songs by date or year of the music files.
Files: this option serves as a file manager or file explorer.
Update Media Lib: serves to synchronize songs from memory to the music library.

Video player on Tabulet Beat remarkable enough, support for multiple formats sdeperti mkv, avi, mp4, mov, etc and support full HD video makes Tabulet Beat into a multimedia gadget that can be relied upon. We had test-played some video format mp4, mkv and avi-quality HD 720p up to full HD 1080p and everything went very well and smoothly. Given the price is quite cheap gadgets Beat including one to be reckoned with.

Besides being able to view videos and play music, Tabulet Beat can also store photos. All photos you can play a slideshow. Standard features such as zoom in and zoom out is also available on this menu. You can adjust the ratio of the image in a choice of 3 options: Full Raw Ratio, Ratio and Raw Stretch To Screen.

Tabulet Beat also features EBook to read a book or whatever in PDF form.

This menu serves as a file explorer to find files that exist in your internal or external memory.

In this menu you can do some settings and teradapat multiple choice options:

Display: go to this menu to make some settings like brightness, background, calibration and other display.
Language: apat you do the language settings on this menu unfortunately there are only 3 options namely Ennglish language, and china 2 languages.
Clock: do the current date and time on this menu.
Power: you can do some settings such as Backlight, Screen saver, etc..
TV Out: turn on the TV output on this menu.
Information: This menu only contains information about products Tabulet Beat.
Factory Setting: You can reset the settings back to the beginning of the factory default.

In the tools menu there are several sub-menus to choose from, most of the menu is a menu utility for your everyday needs.


Apart from the menus above there are also a row shortcut that can be hidden or displayed. Here are the shortcut menus are:

Analog Clock: analog clock to display on the display face.
Digital Clock: to display a digital clock on the display face.
Calendar: you can display your calendar on the display face.
Keylock: to lock the screen quickly and easily.
Volume: to adjust the sound level.

The appearance of the mode of Android OS
Tabulet can run both OS Android as the OS, the version shown is version 0.9.15 with kernel, according to our estimates this is equivalent to Android OS OS 2.1 Eclair. Display the home page on the mode of android android looks like on other tablet. Beat using ADW launcher as a display interface basically.

Home page consists of 5 main pages that you can customize with standard widgets android. As always at the top there is a notification bar that you can broom down to open it, and at the top there is also a touch navigation buttons like back, home, menu and volume, this is a hallmark of Tabulet products.

In the drawer of applications, applications are composed with the formation of 4 columns x 3 rows on one screen page. And there remains the top notification bar and touch button navigation like the look of the home page. There is a touch button home section right side of the screen to return to the home page.

Main applications Congenital Tabulet (android mode)

Hello Kitty Find It: the game look for the difference between the two images are fleeting as Hello Kitty.
Amtalee: game to overthrow the logs to fit into the hole.
Documents To Go: application to open, read and modify office documents like word, excel and powerpoint.
AndPipes! : The game to connect water pipes to be strung perfect.
Installer App: an application that makes it easy to explore and install android in the form apk.
Bust A Move: you certainly know the puzzle bubble? A dinosaur that shoots colored balls to destroy other balls.
Music: android standard music player.
Gallery: gallery standards of android to view photos and video.
In android mode connectivity using only a data cable and the micro SD only, there is no WiFi networks, Bluetooth or GSM/3G.

In android mode you can play games - games that are simple and can open or modify files word, excel and powerpoint via the Documents To Go.

Battery Life
Beat Tabulet good endurance when running the Android OS congenital tabulet or battery saving enough, because the screen is not too big and the lack of connectivity to battery-saving factor. If used to watch videos or play music taste will last long enough and can last more or less 20jam.

Beat the overall performance is quite good and is run as smoothly, especially when the Digital AV player mode which is its main advantages. His ability to run video formats up to Full HD resolution to be the main selling points of the Beat Tabulet than other products. The design is extremely lightweight and portable. Beat Tabulet should provide 2 pieces of stereo audio speakers to support multimedia capabilities. Another downside is the lack of connectivity on the Beat, especially when run on the Android OS mode, so the use of the Android OS was not really up to, but this can be understood considering Android is not the primary function of Tabulet Beat.


Durability is good enough
Lightweight design and portability
Full HD Video playback capabilities are very rarely owned any other similar product
Prices are very affordable at around Rp. 880 000, - compared to other mp3 player products
Digital AV player mode is very good and can play a variety of formats
User Interface is simple and easy to use

Connectivity is very minimal
Android OS is less than the maximum (because it's not its main function)
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nexian NX-G869 Full Review

Nexian NX-G869 Full Review

Introduction Nexian NX-G869
This time nokia released his new phone with touch screen display and resolution 3.2-inch WVGA (432 X 240). At first glance the model of nokia cappuccino is indeed similar to the nokia android journey, it's just that there are some differences in physical buttons. Mobile is what you get with a price of about 699,000.

Below is the official specification Nexian NX-G869:

Network: Dual on GSM (900/1800 MHz)
Screen: WQVGA LCD Touchscreen, 3.2 inches
Camera: 2 MP
Internet: WiFi, EDGE, GPRS
External Memory: microSD
Messaging: SMS, MMS, email
Connectivity: Bluetooth, data cable
Other features: Java, audio player, video player, FM radio, Nexian Messenger, Nexian Zone, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Mobile, WAP, MSN, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Calendar, Calculator, Alarm, Google Search, Nexian Digital Surround (NDS), My Widgets, Opera Mini, Gtalk, Google Map, Youtube
Nexian NX-G869 Full Review
Box sales
Inside the box there cappuccino sales nokia charger, a 3.5mm standard headset, microUSB data cable, manual, cd installer phone suits and warranty card.

Body and design
The shape of this design is simple and there is only one button that both a trackpad on the front. With brown and beige suit with his name nexian cappuccino.
At the front there nokia logo below the screen and the wifi logo on the top left of the screen. Cappuccino nokia screen using an LCD WVGA touchscreen measuring 3.2 inches.

Nexian NX-G869 Review Gallery

At the bottom there is a usb port used for data cables, as well as charger, and headset port. On the left-right-there is no nothing. And at the top there is a hole for hanging mobile phone and keys to lock and power.
NX-G869 Review Gallery

Display interface
Standby yard there are 2 signal indicator and the logo of the two carriers sim card, clock, battery, google search bar at the bottom there is a call option, phonebook, messages, menus, and there is a dock side.
Menu on the home uses a grid of 3 x 4 and there are 3 pages to the navigation could use a touch screen or trackpad.

For maximum capacity up to 1000 phonebook contacts. For the details can be filled home, company, email, office, fax, birthday, ringtone, group, and photo.
Nexian NX-G869 Review Gallery

For messaging the phone can send SMS and MMS, as usual menu displayed on the page messaging inbox, drafts, Outbox, Sent, archive, delete, broadcast, templates, settings. For MMS you can send image files, songs, slides, and data.
For email there own menu, separate the messaging menu

For cappuccino nokia camera phone is equipped with a camera with a resolution of 2 megapixels (2048 x 1536), the zoom, multishot (1,3,5 shot), appeal (50.60 Hz), night mode, ev (-2 to +2) , white balance (auto, daylight, tungsten, fluorescent, cloudy, inscandescent), color effects (greyscale, sepia, sepia green, sepia blue, color invert). The following images when shooting and the results.

Music player
The music player on nokia cappuccino can play a song format mp3, wav. You can choose the playlist you want to listen by album / playlist / artist / genre / track. There is an equalizer to adjust the music style you like in accordance with his song (normal, pop, rock, jazz, dance, classical).
Nexian NX-G869 Review Gallery

Recorder and Video Player
In the video, for video recording quality to choose from normal, good, high quality. files that can be played on this phone is avi, mp4.

Sample video footage from nokia cappuccino
Nexian NX-G869 Full Review
FM radio
To listen to the radio as usual you have to plug in a headset in advance for use as an antenna. You can store your favorite radio channels to 20 channels. for a channel can be done by manual and automatic.

Application and Organizer
There are applications that are in demand at this time, facebook, twitter and some messenger like yahoo, msn, skype, nokia, gtalk. there are also applications like google maps, opera browser, photo editor. there are tasks to the organizer, calendar, calculator.

For congenital game, in this phone there is only one game that is Magic Sushi that you can play at leisure time.
NX-G869 Review Gallery

Connectivity and Browsers
NX-G869 uses the dual sim GSM 900/1800 MHz with GPRS and EDGE to access the internet. Mobile is also supported with Wifi that help you access the Internet through a wifi network.
For mobile browsers could use the default browser and also use opera mini. Mobile has been able to open a WAP page.

Mobile touchscreen with a price of around 699 thousand despite the relatively low-end mobile phone has a function that can meet your online needs now (though minimal). You do not need to worry about online facebook, browsing, and various instant messenger for all nokia mobile phone has been available in this cappuccino.

- The screen is large enough
- Design a simple and good
- There is a trackpad that simplify navigation

- Touch screen less responsive
- Poor camera quality
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iPad 2 VS Galaxy Tab 10.1 Full Review

iPad 2 VS Galaxy Tab 10.1 Full Review

Who not be aware of iPad, a tablet phenomenal selling well. Tablet from Apple that the lengthy queues everywhere. apple ipad 2, which grew to become his successor can also be selling like pancakes. Then it doesn't mean there's no competition whatsoever.

Samsung like a new vendor to create pills this past year, lots of people started to rage. In Indonesia alone, named version from the Galaxy's first in a commercial sense effective enough. Samsung isn't just quiet, lately smartphone vendor increasing also produce pills with similar size because the rival apple ipad 2, that is 10 inches. The merchandise, known as Universe Tab 10.1 also offers two dualcore processors.

Then in the two pills which is much better?
iPad 2 VS Galaxy Tab 10.1 Full Review
Share within this time around, I don't take sides on any tablet. I happened to two tablet customers. After using bbrp time, you will find weak points go into the particular pills, either the ten.1 or even the iPad Tab 2.

Design, Hardware and Dimensions - DRAW

Glimpse in to the two pills is comparable to each other. But when you are feeling it immediately, it seems the main difference is very tolerable.

Listed here are pictures from the dimensions and design between 2 and Tab iPad 10.1

Dimensional specifications for that 2 pills the following:

Visible Tab 10.1 thinner and lighter compared to apple ipad 2.

Apple Ipad 2 more boxes the screen having a screen ratio of four:3 whereas 10.1 Tab to the widescreen.

With dimensions which are thinner and lighter in weight, much more comfortable grasp Tab 10.1, introduced everywhere as well as in make the bag. However the slight difference isn't a large problem.

Elegant Design - apple ipad 2 WIN

Many are not convinced using the material for Tab 10.1 made from plastic. As the apple ipad 2 uses aluminum material that's stated to more elegant. However I think the material isn't visible tabs 10.1 cheap, grey bandage about the back affiliate with a whitened design makes this tablet is very elegant.

Although apple ipad 2 looks more elegant, however with material like aluminum that a little afraid to make use of it without additional casing bandage. Aluminum in the iPad method is indeed susceptible dent so it should be extra careful using.

Speaker - Tab 10.1 WIN

apple ipad 2 outfitted having a speaker that huge when in comparison using the first version. While you will find 2 loudspeakers tab about the right 10.1 and left. If all of this I attempt, the speaker from the Tab 1.10 much better than the apple ipad 2. Furthermore, the positioning from the right and left plus features to create the Tab 10.1 5.1 surround more lively to hear music and video.

Speaker apple ipad 2

Speaker Tab 10.1 (You will find 2 right and left)

Multimedia - Tab 10.1 WIN

Video Playback

apple ipad 2: 720p H264

Tab 10.1: 1080p

Audio 5.1 Multichannel Audio

apple ipad 2: Must make use of a digital Audio-video plugs

Tab 10.1: Completely from the loudspeakers
iPad 2 VS Galaxy Tab 10.1 Full Review
Because the large sail, both pills are needed for use like a multimedia device. Watching videos about the 2 device is very comfortable to look at a relevant video, not to mention supported HD format. Tab includes a 10.1 widescreen display along with a bigger than apple ipad 2, well suited for watching the film box office, mostly Wide format.

In the clearness of seem, to 2 pills were equally in a position to show a obvious seem. However the 5.1 multichannel audio system are only able to run in Tab 1.10 since it has two loudspeakers about the right and left.

Screen - DRAW

Having a 9.7 inch display size apple ipad 2 continues to be just like its predecessor having a resolution of 1024 x768 While using the a widescreen 10.1 Tab typical cinema and it has a rather better resolution with 1280 x 800px. Concerning the resolution, both pills looks balanced, apple ipad 2 uses Insolvency practitioners technology on its Brought type display, when using the Tab 10.1 WXGA widescreen display.

For me, Tab 01.10 more simple to use watch movies online, since the screen is lcd screen reply.

Camera & Video - Tab 10.1 WIN

apple ipad 2: .3 Mega pixel front camera, rear camera .7 mega pixel, 720p video

Tab 10.1: front camera 2 Mega pixel, 3 Mega pixel kemara rear, 720p video

Tab camera has 10.1 megapixel resolution 3 about the front and a pair of-megapixel camera about the back. As the apple ipad 2 still uses .7 megapixel resolution for that front, and .3 mega pixel vga camera in order to the leading.

Video recorder to 2 pills is every bit able to 720p HD incorporated within the category.

10.1 Tab obvious victory from the camera.

Begin to see the image below:

Rear Camera apple ipad 2 results

Rear Camera apple ipad 2 results

Results Tab 10.1 Rear Camera

Results Tab 10.1 Rear Camera

Comparation See chart below:

Notices - Tab 10.1 WIN

apple ipad 2: Pop-up, and notification about the icon

Tab 10.1: Notification bars

Here you go the weak spot of IOS. Notification about the apple ipad 2 isn't collected in one location. Notifikasinya way too hard to determine. Only marked using the logo design of the number above each application. When the application continues to be a little still not really a large problem, let's say the applying has arrived at the 3rd page and so forth, I am sure you may never discover the latest notification in your apple ipad 2.

So far, the Notification on Android is among the best among all mobile OS. Notices are collected and indicated by perfect at the end from the Universe Tab 10.1 is. It is a quite different notification Honeycomb Android Tab 10.1 is by using Android Smartphone that is usually placed above.

Having a perfect notification, you won't ever miss any messages received.

Browser - Tab 10.01

When it comes to browser tabs 10.1 advance since it already supports Expensive Player. With expensive you may enjoy video on the web apart from Youtube, play expensive games or expensive berdesign open an internet site.

Few speed, to its 2 have nearly exactly the same speed.

10.1 About the tab went pretty easily when opening expensive games at Facebook or Viwawa. It cannot run well about the first generation tab.

Browse the video compare the next browsers. (To Two pills already about the 'Clear Cache' prior to the race)

Video Call - DRAW

apple ipad 2: The face-time, Wi-fi compatability Only

Tab 10.1: Gtalk, 3rd generation & Wi-fi compatability

The face-time apple ipad 2 includes a perfect application. The face-time about the iPad comes with an excellent degree of stability, isn't interrupted even when you open another application. It appears that Apple is deliberately making The face-time is definitely running without anyone's knowledge. However for competitors, you'll want an apple ipad 2, 4 apple iphone, ipod device Touch 4 or perhaps a The face-time placed on your Mac laptop, it has to purchase a The face-time Appstorenya. Furthermore The face-time need to take Wi-fi compatability for connecting video calls and doesn't run when utilizing 3rd generation.

While Tab 10.1 Gtalk being an application depending Video call. Same goes with the face-time, video call with gtalk is definitely running without anyone's knowledge the whole time. Tasty, Gtalk on Tab 10.1 can interact with anybody who's using Gtalk or Gmail. Your buddies could make video calls from the gmail within the browser without needing to install programs and free,

Gtalk look into Tab 10.1 superior here, but regrettably very few smartphone or device that supports Gtalk Video call. But with time, Gtalk video call may be used more crowded than The face-time, not to mention Google also switches into an identical video calls.

Application - apple ipad 2 Win

apple ipad 2: 100rb Programs

Tab 10.1: <500 applications

Like a man who was a baby compared to the adult, that's the image comparison application in Tab 10.1 and iPad 2. Applications Tab 10.1 is still fairly small compared to the application on the iPad 100rb 2.

I admit iPad 2 has a myriad of quality and interesting applications in marketnya. How does almost all mobile developers must make an application for IOS iPad 2. Greater income would be a major factor developers chose a soft place like the Apple store.
While the Android platform Honeycomb in adopsikan to Tab 10.1 is still relatively very small. Although Android application has already reached hundreds of thousands, but the application is not optimized for large sailing Android tablets. A matter of time only, if the tablet android boom, of course, the developers vying to upgrade the look of their apps.

Synchronization - Tab 10.1 Win
iPad 2 VS Galaxy Tab 10.1 Full Review
iPad 2: iTunes USB
Tab 10.1: Samsung Kies, Mass Storage via wifi and USB

Synchronization on the iPad 2 is required to use iTunes as the source. Sometimes this makes it inconvenient to transfer data. Conversely 10.1 tabs more flexible by using software Samsung Kies and can also be used as Mass Storage.

Internet Tethering - Tab 10.1 Win

iPad 2: Not Support
Tab 10.1: Wifi and USB tethering

Again again iPad 2 does not have the features favored by many users. iPad 2 does not have the ability to share the Internet, either USB cable or wifi. While Android Tab 10.1 already has the ability to use USB tethering and Wifi.

With the ability to share the internet you can share the Internet to other devices. Moreover, the two tablets are already supporting 3G, simply subscribe to an Internet package to be able to share to all other wifi devices. Certainly more efficient is not it?.

One more thing, the battery capacity to 2 tablets at a very qualified to do tethering all day without fear of running out of battery.

Performance and Graphics - DRAW

iPad 2: Processor 1 Ghz dualcore chip A5, PowerVR GPU
Tab 10.1: 1 GHz dualcore processor NVIDIA Tegra 2

To 2 tablets of this sama2 brain using 2 processors. A5 iPad 2 uses a chip with a speed of 1 GHz Dual core, while Tab 10.1 using NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor technology with a core clock speed and the same.

iPad 2 uses 512 MB of RAM while the Tab 10.1 at 1 GHz. Tabs seem to have 1.10 RAM 2 times larger.

The graph on the iPad using PowerVR chips while Tab 10.1 SGX543MP2 GPU using NVIDIA Tegra 2.

Personalization - Tab 10.1 WIN

For those who like mengoprek, both from the side view and the system would have loved Tab 10.1. Honeycomb Android OS on 01/10 Tab allows to beautify your homescreen. Widgets, live wallpapers, and themes can be changed easily in Tab 10.1. You no longer bored with the look of your homescreen that that's it.

Conversely, you can not make any changes to your homescreen iPad 2.

Game - iPad 2 WIN

Who does not know the game in the IOS. To the extent that many who buy iPad just for playing games. Naturally, almost all game developers would make games for IOS. Even the console game developers playstation, xbox and pc are the focus of making games for IOS. I am sure of the number of applications 100rb, gaming applications dominate.

Whereas only 10.1 Tab because it still has a handful of new games.

Speed ??to open the message - Tab 10.1 WIN

I do not like to use iPad two frequent loading times, connecting the first time when opening the application. For example, there is new mail, in IOS iPad 2, emails do not appear instantly in the email list because they have to be downloaded in advance, although have got notifikasinya. It is also common in many chat applications, social networking, etc.. Ditwitter For example, mention the newly accepted, can not directly open a snap when opening twitter. Again, loading and waiting. : (

Of course there is also a disputed this, although the performance iPad 2 fairly quickly. But in cases like this IOS looks too much thinking. It does not happen in the Android Tab 10.1 fast display a message, email or the latest tweet.

Usage & Multitasking - DRAW

IOS famous use is still easy to surpass the convenience factor. Even users are not required to understand the system thoroughly to keep it running smoothly. IOS does not run all applications in the background. Although claimed to be multitasking, but in fact the multitasking on the iPad 2 is still not 100% pure. But it can be patched with the stability of the OS from Apple.

Instead Android OS on Tab 10.1 Multitasking really pure. You can open many applications, and jumping to another application, without any change in your work. But do not blame if it runs out of RAM on Android. You must be a little difficult to install the application task killer returns of RAM or close an application to the Android system is not running slow. Not a problem for many people, there is also a disputed tp.

3G connectivity - DRAW

Tab 10.1: 21 HSPA, GSM / EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
iPad 2: WiFi 802.11 b / g / n Dual band, Bluetooth 3.1 EDR
Tab 10.1: WiFi 802.11 b / g / n Dual band, Bluetooth 3.0
iPad 2: microSIM
Tab 10.1: Standard SIMcard

Both iPad and Tab has 10.1 full connectivity. However, Tab 10.1 21 already supports HSPA technology that supports data connectivity up to 21 mbps. While HSDPA on the iPad 2 only supports up to 7.2 mbps.

21 HSPA unfortunately still not maximal is used in Indonesia. So I think the two tablets have the same advantages.

Batteries - DRAW

iPad 2: 6930 mAh, claimed to stand for 10 Hours
Tab 10.1: 6800 mAh, claimed to stand for 9 hours
No doubt the 2 tablet has a long battery life with the large capacities of these. It is difficult to ascertain how long a battery life when used. Heavy usage such as playing games, watching videos is draining the battery. However, if used only for browsing, playing music, email and chat this tablet can last all day.

Price - iPad 2 WIN

3G 16GB iPad 2: 5.5 jt (U.S. Store)
Tab 10.1 16GB 3G: 6 jt

In conclusion:

Both 2 and Tab 10.1 iPad have their respective advantages. It all depends on the needs and tastes of each. For example, if you're a lover of games, iPad 2 is indeed the only choice. But if you like chatting, browsing and email flash content, perhaps better Tab 10.1. For that select the device as needed is the right answer. So much from me.
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3G BlackBerry Pearl 9105 Full Review Gallery

3G BlackBerry Pearl 9105 Full Review Gallery
Introduction 3G BlackBerry Pearl 9105

After dropping the reviews Torch a while back, this time we will discuss thoroughly the BlackBerry Pearl 3G latest 9105. BlackBerry Pearl 9105 issued to become the successor to the BlackBerry 8100. BlackBerry Pearl 3G suitable for those of you who are looking for compact size mobile phone with a BlackBerry capabilities but is more accustomed to using T9 keyboard. Below is the official specification of the BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9105.

Official specs 3G BlackBerry Pearl 9105:
3G BlackBerry Pearl 9105 Full Review Gallery
Quad-Band GSM / GPRS / EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
-UMTS 850/1900/2100 MHz
3.15 MP-resolution camera equipped with autofocus and LED flash light
-BlackBerry OS version 5.0
-2.2 inch TFT display, 256K colors 360 x 400 pixel resolution
-Optical Trackpad
-Processor 624 MHz
Connectivity-Bluetooth version 2.1/Wi-Fi/GPS
-SMS/MMS/Email/Push Email / BlackBerry Messenger
-Slot microSD external hot-swap (can be expanded up to 32GB)
-SureType technology
-Jack 3.5mm standard audio
-Media keys
-Office applications to create new documents and edit documents


-Trackpad that feels responsive
-The size is compact and lightweight, fitting dikantong
-The screen is quite comfortable
-Music function keys make it easy to access music on the music player diminimize
-Camera with good results and is equipped with a flash


-The sale price is expensive in Indonesia (Rp.4.500.000) is equivalent to BB Onyx
Small-sized screen (2.2 inches)
Performance-Browser is still slow

3G BlackBerry Pearl 9105 is currently priced Rp.4.500.000 in Indonesia, the price is equivalent to the price of the BlackBerry Bold. It's a tough choice choosing between the two. Open the next page to find out more details which BlackBerry will be your choice.

BlackBerry Pearl 3G Sales Box 9105
3G BlackBerry Pearl 9105 Full Review Gallery
Inside the box there is a sale of BlackBerry 9105 accessories such as chargers, data cable microUSB, 3.5mm standard headset, batery, CD software, user's manual, warranty card and mobile phone. There is a bonus of 2 GB microSD sales of the BlackBerry 9105 in the box.


Design The BlackBerry 9105 looks like the design of a mini version of the BlackBerry Bold 9700, is due to an optical trackpad for navigation buttons on the BlackBerry 9105. RIM BlackBerry Pearl is the latest output using high quality plastic material that dikrome with gray, Krome design of the BlackBerry 9105 looks like Onyx.

At the top of the screen there is the earpiece, LED notification light, and the BlackBerry logo.
BlackBerry 9105 using a screen-type 2.2 inch TFT, 256K colors 360 x 400 pixel resolution-shaped portrait. BlackBerry 9105 screen remains easy to use as we use under the sun.
BlackBerry Pearl 9105 is equipped with 3G technology that optical trackpad feels sensitive when used for browsing the menu. Button makers use such as call buttons and the menu button located on the left side of the trackpad, while the use of such a back button and the button calls breaker that serves as the power button located on the right side of the trackpad.
If the BlackBerry Pearl 8100 using the QW-ER-TY is now the BlackBerry 9105 using the alphanumeric keypad are made of rubber such as non-QWERTY phones mostly. BlackBerry 9105 looks flat button with the phone body, but still feel soft and easy to type fast.
On the left side there is a microUSB port phone, voice dialing button and a 3.5mm standard audio jack hole.
At the bottom there are only a phone speaker phone.
On the right side there are volume keys and cell phone camera shutter button.
At the top of the phone there are media keys such as play / pause, next and previous.
On the back of the phone there is a 3:15-resolution camera equipped with autofocus and LED flash.
A complete list of Features and Specifications


Upload photo: Yeah, Straight from the camera images, FB apps, and media gallery
Update status: Yes, direct from application
Koment: Yes, direct from application
Notification: Yes, Wall post, reply comments, new messages, friend requests, photo tag, event invitation. Appears on the homescreen and Universal Message Inbox


Upload photo: Yes, directly from the camera or the media gallery / O, from wap
Update status: Yes, direct from application
Reply: Yes, direct from application
Retweet: Yes, direct from application


Resolution: 3.15 megapixel autofocus
State of dark light: Pretty good
Flash: LED, bright enough
Features: Autofocus (close-up, normal, off), white balance, image resolution and image quality, color effects, and image storage media (phone memory or microSD)

Video cameras

Resolution: VGA (640 x 480 pixels)
Dark state light: the light condition is quite good; the dark results in dim light
Features: Color Effects (Black and white, normal, and sepia) and flash lights that you can use during video recording lasts


Manual or automatic settings: Automatic
Support: 3G HSDPA
Streaming video: Yes (fee imposed on each operator)


Kompass Digital: No
Congenital Map: Blackberry Maps
Usage: To bookmark the location and directions on Blackberry Maps / Google Maps, geolocation on some social networking applications like Twitter, etc. Foursquare.


Support HTML or WAP: HTML / WAP
Flash Player: No
Performance: Slow
Support many windows: No, only 1 tab


Resolution: 2.2 inch TFT display with 256k color depth (360 x 400 pixels)
Under the Sun: Good
Automatic Brightness: Yes
Font size (user selectable)


Type: BlackBerry OS version 5.0
Use: Pretty easy
Plan Upgrade OS: OS 6.0, the time is not yet known


Type: Alphanumeric / SureType
Key quality: Plastic
Button presses: Soft, no sound
Keyboard backlighting: Yes there is

Office Applications

Default application: There, opening applications, maker and editing Documents To Go Excel, Word, Powerpoint.


Photo galery videos: There, model photo slideshow and displacement can use the Trackpad
Functions share: Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Messenger, fuel, Email, MMS, Bluetooth and other third party apps.


Type: 802.11b / g
Support: Support for UMA (operator dependent)
Encryption: WPA / WPA2 Personal and Corporate
Shortcut on / off on Homescreen: None
Quality: Stable, automatically connect to a wifi network at a certain distance (wifi profile stored)


Support 3G: UMTS 850/1900/2100 MHz
Band: Quad Band GSM / GPRS / EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz


Version: Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP support
Sending a file / photo: Quite hard, pairing is required
Support: Headset Mono / Stereo, Handsfree, PBAP (Phone Book Access Profile), and Serial Port Profile


Email support: Up to 10 emails (yahoo mail, aol, windows live, google mail and corporate mail)
Push email: pop3, imap
SMS type: Thread Messaging
Attachment Support: Yes, File document, image (JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG and TIFF), HTML, ZIP, ASCII and Voice Notes
Corporate Email Support: Yes (Microsoft ® Exchange, IBM ® Lotus ® Domino ®, Novell ® GroupWise ®)


Applications: Facebook, Twitter, email, BBM, IM, browsers, and almost all the 3rd party applications


Endurance (Standby): 18 hari/432 hours (2G) / 13 hari/312 (3G)
Talk time: 5 hours 30 minutes (2G) / 5 hours (3G)
Battery type and capacity: Lithium-ion 1150 mAh

Audio: Yes (cost depends masing2 operator)
Video: Yes (cost depends masing2 operator)


Java support: Yes
Market app / Place Download: BlackBery App World


SMS: Yes, sounds, Blink LED lights and message inbox
Email: Yes, sounds, Blink LED lights, and the Inbox Message
Chats: Yes, sounds, and LED lights Blink Message Inbox
Facebook: Yes, Blink LED lights, sound, Inbox Message
Twitter: Yes. Blink LED light, sound, Inbox Message

Ring tones

Format: MP3/WMA/WAV/eAAC
Mp3 as ringtone: Yes, through the media profile and the file explorer
MP3 as SMS: Yes, through the media profile and the file explorer
Mp3 as an email: Yes, through the media, profiles, and file explorer


Profile settings or regular shortcut: Shortcut on the home screen
Type: General, Quiet, Loud, Phone Only, Off, Normal etc.


Startup time: 1 minute 30 seconds


Default: BrickBreaker, Word Mole, Tropper Typing, Texas Hold'Em King 2, Sudoku, and Klondike
Download game format: Java
Place download: BlackBerry App World

Media Player:

Video File Support: MPEG4 Simple Profile and Simple advance, H.263, H.264, WMV3
Dukugnan Audio Files: MP3, AMR-NB, AAC-LC, AAC +, eAAC +, WMA, WMV, Flac, Ogg Vorbis


Image formats: Jpeg, bmp, gif
Size: 360 x 400 pixels
Photo as wallpaper: Yes, through the media gallery


Touchscreen: No
Optical Trackpad
Usage: easy
Synchronization Into Computer:
Media: Cable, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Applications: BlackBerry software suite
Mode: As Mass Storage / Modem / Contact synchronization


Internal: 256MB
Support memory cards: MicroSD (hot-swap)
Up to: 32 GB

Phone Book:

Capacity: unlimited
Data: Home phone, Mobile, Fax, office and home address, email, Instant Messenger, Address
Synchronization: With Google sync, ms outlook, Facebook
Photo: Yes, from the Media Gallery and FB
Backup: SIM Card, Google Sync, via computer (Software BB), a feature on Blackberry Backup Fuel


Number of maximal: a home screen
Displacement: -
Performance: Current
Widget Support: No
Hotkey Support: Yes


Jackaudio: There, 3.5mm
FM Radio: -
Accelerometer: No
Charging port: MicroUSB
Unlocked and lock: press the 2 button and call button and the star makers)
Hot swap: There are
Speaker: Sound quality
Airplane mode: Off Profile
Mobile Customization: Themes choice, font size, font type
Alarm: Yes

This feature was written based on our test results, of course, can not be said to be 100% complete. If there already have it, please share it in the comments below. Please correct if there is also a mistake.

Inter-Face Display OS 5.0

BlackBerry 9105 using BlackBerry OS version 5.0 as the BlackBerry Bold and Odin. On the home screen icons appeared five shortcuts that you can set to your liking. On the screen there is a timepiece home screen, profile, batery status, and status signals. The existence of shortcuts to simplify profile on the home screen replacement option profile when we need. There is a home screen viewing options that display "Zen" and "Today".

To browse the menu, optical trackpad is ready for use as a replacement for the trackball on the BlackBerry Pearl earlier. The use of the trackpad was very easy because the trackpad feels sensitive when we use. 20 menu icons can be displayed on a screen measuring 2.2 inches BlackBerry's 9105. To sort the menu to appear "neat" you can move the menu icon to a new folder or folders that already exist. You can also move the menu contained within the folder to the menu simply by pressing the BlackBerry logo on the menu icon.


BlackBerry 9105 comes with unlimited phonebook just like any other BlackBerry smart phones. There is a very complete phonebook details from personal ringtones, email address (2 pieces), no office phone (2 pcs), home phone number (2 pieces), phone number (2 pieces), pager, fax, office address, the BlackBerry Pin, home address, birthday, notes, and websites.

If you are a Google user, you can download Google Sync to transfer contacts to your BlackBerry 9105 without the need to bother moving the contacts one by one in the phonebook. This smart mobile phone can also perform synchronization on a contact found on Facebook.

Messaging Features

BlackBerry 9105 can send messages like SMS / MMS / Email / Push Email / IM. For information only, the BlackBerry 9105 using the alphanumeric keypad, maybe for some people who are used to using a QWERTY BlackBerry will not used if using the alphanumeric keypad, the BlackBerry 9105. BlackBerry 9105 Keypad is more convenient to use type using one hand only, it will be slightly longer than the type using two hands, but still feels easy typing. SMS comes with a display IM (chat) which makes it looks more attractive. To send an MMS, you can include multimedia content such as image files, video and sound footage. If there are Facebook and Twitter notifications will go to the inbox messages.

To setup your email simply enter your email address and your email password, an email will do the settings automatically and the new email will go straight into your inbox (push email), provided you use the BlackBerry service Service. You can use multiple email accounts on the BlackBerry 9105 features e-mail.

For IM, the BlackBerry 9105 only provided with the BlackBerry Messenger. To use other IM such as YM, MSN, and Gtalk you can download on the BlackBerry App World.

For teksting capabilities, the BlackBerry 9105 is equipped with SureType feature that speeds up your typing. It can predict the text you are going to write that which will make typing will go faster.


This is the entertainment features on the BlackBerry 9105, within the media there is a music player, video player, photo gallery, as well as some other features like voice recorder and video recorder. The music player can play songs with voices that sound quality and sound hard, some EQ options ready to be counted on to make the sound more melodious songs. When you input the song into the phone, using either the microSD or use the RIM software music player will automatically separate the songs by singer, album, and the type of songs. You can also create your own playlist of songs on the music player. When the song is played, the album art will be featured on the music player. The media keys located on the top of the phone such as play / pause, next and previous you can use to access the music player when the music player diminimize. Hole 3.5mm standard audio jack located on the left side of the phone is ready for your use if you feel less satisfied with the sound quality BlackBerry 9105. The music player can play MP3-formatted songs, WMA, WAV, and AAC +.

For business video, the BlackBerry 9105 can play video format MP4, H.264, H.263, and WMV at trial takes place. When dimakinkan video screen will automatically change to landscape mode. Some videos movie trailers and video clips we played on the BlackBerry 9105 screen. Video looks sharp when played, unfortunately ukurang small mobile phone screen it feels for us when used to watch the video.

To view the photos you can use a photo gallery on the media. Photo gallery will display the folders containing your photo collection in the gallery. To see previous photographs or photographs then you can shift the trackpad to the left or right. To share the photos you can use Bluetooth, Email, MMS or Facebook. Photo gallery features a slide show to view images with a display like the video.

3:15 Megapixel Camera Resolution

BlackBerry 9105 comes with 3:15 megapixel resolution camera equipped with autofocus, LED flash and geotagging. To take pictures quickly you can use the shortcut access to a camera shutter button located on the right side of the phone. There are some settings like autofocus camera (close-up, normal, off), white baalnce, image resolution and image quality, color effects, and image storage media (phone memory or microSD). Below are the results of the BlackBerry 9105 which the camera images look clear and detailed. The results look natural color but it is also clearly visible object details in photos.

3G BlackBerry Pearl 9105 Review Gallery

Video Recorder

In addition the camera can be used to photograph the BlackBerry 9105 can also be used to do video recording with two choices of VGA resolution (640 x 480 pixels) and MMS mode (176 x 144 pixels). Video recorder is equipped with a color (black and white, normal, and sepia) and flash lights that you can use during video recording in progress. The results of the video will be saved in 3GP format. Below is the video recordings BlackBerry 9105 which we think quite poorly.


BlackBerry 9105 runs on the GSM / GPRS / EDGE Quad-Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz and UMTS 850/1900/2100 MHz. For local connectivity there is Bluetooth version 2.1 with A2DP support and Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n. To transfer data from phone to PC you can use the data cable microUSB already contained in the sales box or use a card reader.


For browsing on the BlackBerry 9105 there are connectivity such as GPRS / EDGE / UMTS or Wi-Fi. We use the Wi-Fi connectivity for browsing, based on units that we have, to open a web page version of HTML, the browser feels a bit heavy to open. Below is video proof, but at least the BlackBerry 9105's browser is faster about 3 seconds from the browser Onyx ours.

The browser comes with the mouse for ease of browsing web pages. The browser also comes with features such as saving a web page, send the URL, and save images from web pages.

Customization Mobile

There are some customization options on the BlackBerry 9105 selection of fonts (letter), the choice of font size, typeface, clarity phone backlight, buttons on either side of cell phones that can be used to access shortcuts (default button on the left side of the phone is voice dialing button and on the right side of the phone is the camera shutter button). In addition you can also customize the themes contained in the BlackBerry 9105, the default option there is only one theme on the BlackBerry 9105 is Precision Themes.

3G BlackBerry Pearl 9105 Review Gallery

BlackBerry 9105 is equipped with 6 pieces of luggage such as the BrickBreaker game, Word Mole, Tropper Typing, Texas Hold'Em King 2, Sudoku, and Klondike.

Office Applications

To support your performance, there have been applications to create new office documents and edit your office documents. This you can use for office documents such as Power Point, Excel, and Word.

3G BlackBerry Pearl 9105 Review Gallery

Battery Durability

BlackBerry 9105 uses a lithium-ion 1150 mAh which can hold up to 18 hari/432 hours in standby on GSM networks and 13 hari/312 hours on UMTS network according to claim BlackBerry party. When used to make calls batery can last up to 5 hours and 30 minutes on 2G networks and 5 hours on 3G networks.

Final Word

Compact size, yet has all the advantages possessed by the BlackBerry. That's the words that can describe the BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9105.
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