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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nokia 5800 Full Specification

Mid-December 2008 before finally purchasing mobile maksain too. Some consideration is, first, gw did not have a henpon again. Secondly there is the money a little longer. All three want to try one of the revolutionary gadgets this year from Nokia. Was a bit hesitant at first really, whether to spend money large enough (for the size gw loh) just to buy a device which main function calls and sms? Having thought through the cave eventually ransomed also the Nokia 5800. And yet it after using some time there was a lot of experience gained and more than just phone and sms functionality. This post will also try to provide input to the visitor and gentlemen, whether your Nokia 5800 worth buying.

First we will discuss the size. Dimensions are 111 * 51.7 * 15.5 mm. For HP you are looking for a small super super thin, the Nokia 5800 can not make the list. But with the functionality of the Nokia 5800, the size was still quite reasonable and designed to be used with only 1 hand (not like PDA).

The second is the input method. Although Nokia 5800 is not HP's first touchscreen from Nokia (there are several other series has ever launched, but not too much visible in the Indonesian market), the Nokia 5800 is prepared to hit the market with unique unique-owned. While many people joke Nokia 5800 is the presence of trace iphone and try to directly compete with the iphone, it turns out there are unique points that are strong enough to compete and even exceed the functionality of the iphone is also considered quite revolutionary. Associated with user interaction, similar to the iphone, Nokia 5800 set up the main control access from the touchscreen sensor and prepared can be controlled with fingers. In the main panel of the Nokia 5800 does not have a panel alpanumerik or qwerty keyboard. Diokupasi the largest space and touchscreen display measuring 3.2 inches. There are only 3 pieces at the bottom of the display, lift the green phone, red phone button and close the Access button menu. And a touch-button access to the media at the top of the bar near the speakers. Besides using a finger, to touchscreen interaction can also use the stylus and a guitar pick similar control called plektrum.

Next is the display. As mentioned above, one point ahead of the Nokia 5800 XM as a multimedia gadget is a very large display. 3.2 inches in size with a resolution of 640 * 360 widescreen, and color depth to 16 million colors. Spacious enough for watching videos or playing games.

Next is the storage. Nokia 5800 XM has some internal storage and 100 MB of external storage in the form of micro SD card that can add up to 16 GB (the sales package includes a micro SD 8 GB). With the size of the Nokia 5800 so we can jejali with files that quite a lot.

Battery strength is one deficiency that may have 5800. This is certainly a rich variety of features it has. With intensive use, the Nokia 5800 battery only lasts a day.

Multimedia features must not be overlooked. Nokia 5800 XM has almost all the multimedia features ranging from music player, fm radio, video player (supports most video files), flash lite, podcasts and so on. One of the things that I responded quite positively on the music player is the time to refresh the library quickly, unlike my previous phone. Video player included in this handset is a real player. For you who like to download videos from you tube, real player can directly play flv video format without conversion. For the sound quality pretty good speakers, the headset sounds pretty decent too innate. If you want more kick sound can certainly buy a separate headset with a better quality.

Next is the connectivity. Nokia provides HSDPA connectivity and wireless LAN for Internet connectivity. Bluetooth also available for data transfer. With a large display, Internet browsing experience was quite pleasant. Nokia innate in any browser available rss reader and flash lite. So can stream videos. Internet Messenger Applications were already available, although so far I have not had time to try to use it. If not satisfied with congenital nokia browser, another alternative is the excellent mini opera. For messaging, the Nokia 5800 has a sms, mms and email client built in..

Next is the navigation. Navigation seems to be a standard feature for handsets future. Just remember the first time a mobile phone camera. Maybe someday all will be equipped with GPS henpon. Nokia 5800 XM equipped with A-GPS built in with Nokia Map 2.0 software. Maps can be used free of charge. But if you want to use navigation features, we are required to pay a license. GPS was quick enough to catch the signal. Accuracy is also quite good. Which is unfortunate, if only to digratiskan navigation license. Had tried to install Garmin XT 5.0, too. The hope can navigate freely earlier. But this version seems not compatible with Nokia 5800 XM.

Last is the application and platform. Nokia 5800 XM is the first handset that runs on S60 5th edition platform and operating system Sysmbian 9.4. So unpleasant experience to be faced this handsets are user applications that are available quantity is very minimal. Obviously this will change as more handsets are derived and other users who use. Symbian application, the Nokia 5800 XM is not compatible with previous symbian application. Some applications may be successfully installed, but there are shortcomings when executed. For Java applications Nokia 5800 XM can run all Java applications (backward compatible).

From the descriptions on the following shallow'll try the conclusion drawn is the Nokia 5800 XM is worth buying.
+ Price cheap enough to feature-rich enough
+ Gadgets revolutionary, just touch the screen with your thumb
+ Extra-wide screen
+ Multimedia features quite satisfactory
+ Feature navigation is also quite good
+ Storage of

- Plastic casing, the impression of cheap (but if made stainlis, must weigh really heavy)
- Need adaptation touchscreen with finger interaction.
- Ga no office applications, pdf reader (it's important for me), there are zip extractor ga default
- Sometimes a little Henpon lemot, probably should have given more processor speeding a little
- Battery life somewhat less strong

In conclusion, with all the shortcomings that are owned and that there is some advantage, I think a price of about 4 million (as of this post was made), if you're extra money, the Nokia 5800 XM worthy enough to be bought. Kalo ga no money, had borrowed the same person wrote. He .. he .. Ok hopefully this post can provide valuable input.

Hallmark 5800, lies in the media bar accessible from the icons on the touch screen outside. As the name implies, the music became a major force with the rank icons at the top. (media bar can not dikustom)

For those who like to share music, internal stereo speakers are quite loud but decent quality for the device size and role.
TV Out To feature, are provided to connect the 5800 cable to your TV. If you play video, the video will not appear on the phone screen but will appear on TV. However, if the display photographs, music, and so on, then look at the TV and the phone will be the same exit.

The use of the touchscreen:
- To the alarm, simply click the clock on the main screen, it will automatically go into the menu to set the alarm clock
- To profile and access the calendar, click on the main screen, it will display the drop-down menu to change the profile or go to the calendar menu
- To find out the connection info, click on the top right of the battery indicator (the location of the Bluetooth symbol) and will appear a pop-up window containing connection information and missed call / SMS (if any)

Accelerometer functions:
- Flip to Silent
Advantage over other brands touchscreen phone:
- Typing SMS; have a choice of four data entry; keyboard QWERTY, mini QWERTY keyboard, alphanumeric keypad, and scribble.
Package sales: In addition to the phone, battery, charger, manual book, there are also 8GB of memory, TV-Out cable, data cable, hand-strap and plectrum, stylus (2 fruit), hardcase, stand to watch the video.


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