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Friday, May 7, 2010

Strongly And Weekness About Nokia N97

Strongly And Weekness About Nokia N97

N97 is the latest multimedia phone made by Nokia. Design and features that bring a combination of entertainment and business concept is to combine interfaces and interactive touch qwerty keyboard is comfortable to use. Design that brought the Nokia N97 is the first design from Nokia that combines touchscreen display with qwerty keyboard. Although many mobile phones already in the market now use these concepts. With the presence of qwerty keyboard makes this phone not only as a multimedia phone but this phone could be called a mobile office (office).

Here Pros Cons Nokia N97:

Excess Complete
2.Mempunyai wide touchscreen display that is 3.5 "
3.Mempunyai qwerty keyboard
4.Mekanisme convenient to use
5.Menggunakan glossy plastic material and the metallic part of face so it looks luxurious
6.Mempunyai large icons so easy to be accessed using your fingers
7.Mempunyai shaped stylus dongle
8.Mempunyai 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics Tessar lens and comes from autofocus and dual LED menghasilakn fota quality.
9.Mempunyai good sound quality for stereo speakers equipped with two separate funnel.
10.Sudah integrated with OVI services
11.Koneksi very complete: Bluetooth, data cable, WiFi, and HSDPA access
12.Mempunyai browser view very interesting and supported with a wide touch screen.

1.Layar touch less responsive when compared with those of the iPhone
2.Mempunyai expensive price
4.Back Cover with plastic material with a layer of marble makes it easy to be scratched
5.Tidak no smart dial
6.Koneksi content is often problematic

Although it has some weaknesses that have sometimes cumbersome and expensive prices, but will not reduce the greatness and completeness of features brought by this phone.


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