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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Apple's New Product Marketing Will Soon iPhone 4Gs

Apple has hired American Beauty director Sam Mendes on TV commercials to shoot for the next generation iPhone, according to tech blog Engadget posted by rumors.

At least one place, they have a mother and daughter use the iPhone camera, located on the front for video calls, conferences, Predictor says Engadget. (Jetsons, all) Most of us? It is expected that this function, because we see a new camera on the iPhone prototype flight by Gizmodo (right). Gizmodo publications relating to the policing arrangements has led to the crisis, and two weeks ago, showed the tape admission that Apple has confirmed that the legal system is a prototype fourth-generation iPhone.

Strengthening the rumor, Engadget found a report on Twitter actors claiming they audition for the announcement from Apple, if no substantial evidence to "confirm" that Mendes fourth-generation iPhone ad pulled as blogs are proposed.

However, many expect Apple's iPhone will soon be the next generation into the Worldwide Developers Conference starting on June 7. In the same location, the first Apple iPhone 4Gs and iPhone 3Gs in the past year.


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