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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sony Ericsson M600i Full Description Features Aplication Review

Sony Ericsson M600i Full Description Features Aplication ReviewSony Ericsson M600i
Appearances smartphone does not have fat. Sony Ericsson M600i appear more slender than its competitors. Brief shape looks simple. Candy bar design, the box without a dent. In the middle of rush rush phones outside smartphone flirty designs, appearances this Sony Ericsson M600i does look less tempting.

But, if you put this phone in the range of smart phones, the M600 design is more attractive. Generally smart phones on the market has a fat and body weight.

M600 has a size of 107 x 57 x 15 mm. These dimensions make the phone not too fat. M600 is also convenient handheld. Entering this phone into a pocket is probably not a good idea. But even if this means you want to do, the M600 can still silence in the pocket. Only your pocket full look.

Although the design looks simple, elegant impression still radiated from the mobile phone network is 900/1800/1900 MHz.

There are two colors available for the M600, the Granite Black and Crystal White. A little touch of blue color in the loudspeaker, the back of the phone body and beautify sytlus phone design.
Sony Ericsson M600i Full Description Features Aplication ReviewStylus is in the left side of the phone body. The layout of the stylus on the left side will benefit users who are accustomed to using the left hand. Instead it makes the stylus location ordinary users on the move with his right hand a little difficult to reach.

JogDial button located on the left side of the phone body, not far from the location of the stylus. You can use this button to move from one menu to another menu. You can find the Back button at the bottom JogDial button. This button will take you to the previous menu or standby mode. JogDial also serves as the volume settings.

On the right side of the phone body is the menu button to access the web. But you can design this button to access the options menu. On the right side of the phone body is also an external memory slot Memory Stick Micro. Casing that covers the external memory slot is maintaining the integrity of the phone design.

At the bottom there is a port for the connector. The power button and the infrared port is located adjacent the top of the phone.

Phone screen looks quite roomy. M600 has a QVGA TFT screen measuring 2.6 inches diagonally. Depth reaches 262,144-color display with 240 x 320 pixels. Screen quality is maximal. One part is also worthy of scrutiny is a SIM card slot. SIM card layout is rather unique. This slot is located on the back above the phone battery. Retrieving the SIM card requires a little more effort. You need to pull out a silver plate, this plate and then push the SIM card to a half section. After that you can pull the SIM card is out.

Sony Ericsson adopts initial view style Windows Mobile device. First appearance on the screen after a turn or switch on the phone is information about the schedule, a list of tasks and messages (SMS and e-mail) is stored in the phone.

With this view the user can quickly find out the schedule and list of work that had been determined previously, and the messages there. All personal information management data is displayed in the middle of the phone display.

At the bottom there is a shortcut to various mobile phone applications: address book (Contacts), web browser, speed contacts (to call quickly), the messages (Messaging), and the Main Menu. These shortcuts can be tapped with the stylus, but if you insist to use one hand jog dial can be used.

One to be proud of the M600 messaging feature is a fairly complete. Messaging applications can be accessed directly from the main screen. Short messages (SMS), multimedia messaging (MMS) and integrated electronic mail in this application. M600 supports both e-mail account POP3 or IMAP.

There is also support for push-mail. But this requires the use of Microsoft Exchange e-mail server. This last software found on many e-mail servers corporation. So the push-mail feature would be more useful for office users.

M600 also supports Remote Synchronization feature (remote alignment) using the SyncML protocol. This feature is rarely used, probably home users because it was not much use. However this feature could be a big benefit to businesses. For example using SyncML server and office calendars that can be read generally facilitate coordination of the employees.
Sony Ericsson M600i Full Description Features Aplication Review
Although aimed more for the Sony Ericsson M600i business is good enough for entertainment. Take the example to play MP3. The phone is equipped with a Music Player that works like Windows Media Player or iTunes on your computer. His voice was loud for the size of the phone-in a fairly quiet environment you can listen to music without using earphones.

Display on the screen is also clear what is important to enjoy the video. The phone supports 3GPP and MP4 format (both designed for mobile devices), and RealMedia. There is also support for streaming video.

Just waiting for the 3G network is connected and the content of this game is bundled tersedia.Dalam Golf game. In addition to utilizing the clarity of the screen part of this game showing three-dimensional view.


AMRUllah said...

ada yg tau g?format sms n6600 apa bisa di masukan di m600i??

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