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Friday, February 19, 2010

How to Reset or Format HP Nokia Java Symbian

rahasia reset format hape nokia java dan symbian Format HP Nokia - Hp frequent errors? Examples such as hard SMS sent, ngehank, out of memory Full description (though still quite memorynya), and others?

Normally we would take him to the confusion and service workers, and of course spend a little money. But do not rush it, before being taken to the carpenter's good service we try to fix it yourself first, one of the ways we can use is to format / reset on our HP. Usually, when brought to the builders service they will only reformat our HP, and the problem was over (I've been there). Tips that I will give effect to Mobile, because this brand is the most banuyak used. Well let's get started Reset / Format Nokianya Hp.

Usually the error is caused HP virus, too many applications (including games), software installation error, or accidentally delete files that important. That's why we need to reformat the Hp. Before re-formatting, it's good back up you data first (if necessary). For SingTel users can use the services of SingTel my data Protector (not the promotion lho.). Simply press * 989 # and follow the instructions. Phonebook, SMS, Calendar and important data can be stored securely, and can be taken at any time. Berlangganannya costs USD 5000, -/bulan.

Back to the topic, there are 2 ways you can do to make this cara format hp nokia:

1. nokia Soft Reset: this way is to restart the nokia phone right again without losing data or applications in the mobile phone.
The format of this type carried out for nokia experiencing hank, in other words, only to reset / format as the original HP setting.

Code: * # 7780 #

2. Hard Reset: This is done to re-install HP Nokia, since the reinstall, of course all your data will be lost (Mobile Data same as when new)

Code: * # 7370 #

Both of the above can you do if HP does not have damage like:

1. HandPhone can boot but only to "Nokia" screen, then restart again.

2. HandPhone dark screen only black, no sign of life at all and can not boot.

3. HandPhone possessed by a virus and can not be saved again.

4. HandPhone not mendelete existing files on drive C.

But do not panic first, when this happens, you can do a third way called Super nokia Hard Reset / Engineering Flashing secret code.
format reset hp nokia 3 jari kematianWhat to do first to Reset or Format nokia with 3 jari kematian:

1. Backup all data in HandPhone you to a safe place, is because all data will be erased. (could use PC suite)
Note: You can not do Back Up if HandPhone can only boot up in "Nokia" screen, just pray I hope you still have a backup in the computer, he .. he ..

2. Make sure the battery HandPhone Full dalm conditions, in order not to die in the middle of the road, if HandPhone easy to do with the drop in charge.

3. Turn off HandPhone first.

4. And this is the most difficult part.
Press and hold down the button that I mentioned below the same time.
o Dial button (Green Color)
o Star key (*)
o Number keys number 3 (3)
o Hold the button while the third turn on HandPhone you.

5. Remember! Do not loose the number 3 to get out the words "formatting" screen HandPhone you.

6. The format is complete in a few moments.

7. Sekarng HandPhonenya was back as before.

How to Format Hp Nokia The Error

Note: Risks are borne himself, he .. he ..

Hopefully useful yes ...
Comment please ..
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