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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New iPhone 4G is more Cheap than old iPhone

i phone 4G new concept and ful specificationAfter iPad, besutan devices now that Apple is so anticipated birth of New Generation iPhone or iPhone also called 4G. Rumors of this device is becoming increasingly louder. Mention the latest news, Apple will push the selling price of the iPhone 4G to make it less expensive.

Thus expressed the belief that industry analysts from Morgan Stanley research institutions, Katy Huberty. According to him, as much as 85% of consumers do not want to follow the price set by Apple to their product.

For that, the decline in selling price of the iPhone 4G will be considered as an effective solution to the latest generation of smart phones are selling well in the market.

"We predict Apple will release a new iPhone in June with prices that are cheaper and new functionality," he said, without mentioning a price range in question.

Along with the reported decrease in the selling price, the iPhone 4G staying digadang also will feature Wi-Fi N, 5 megapixel camera, powerful A4 chip 600 MHz, and touchscreen AMOLED from Samsung.

Apple itself is still silent response to the news that blow out fast. Only the relevant stakeholders of this industry can not wait and often led to speculation.

Even some time ago appeared iPhone 4G concept design presented by Antonio De Rosa, Italy ADR studio. He did not hesitate to invite the user or anyone who saw these designs to make suggestions to the criticism.

"I'm an Apple fan, and try to use the skills to realize my childhood dream. This concept is a tribute to an icon in the technology world that have successfully changed the way people communicate," added De Rosa, quoted from Mobilemag.


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