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Monday, March 1, 2010

The First New Mobil Phone That Using Windows Phone 7 from LG

The First Phone That Using Windows Phone 7 from LGAfter showing off a new mobile phone powered with a 1GHz processor and operating system Android, Motorola is now reportedly back leaking a bit of information about a new mobile phone will become the first mobile phone with Windows operating systems Phone 7.

As one of the company's largest producers of electronic devices from South Korea, LG again innovating with Microsoft to deliver a new mobile phone wrapped with the Windows operating system Phone 7.

Although by far the world's first mobile phone wrapped with Windows 7 Phone was already on display, but so far we have not managed to find detailed information on the specifications offered the latest phones that Sony Ericsson output. In addition, today announced that Motorola was not about a name for the new phone.

Aaron Woodman as representatives of the new Microsoft provides a leak on a slider that will integrate the Windows Phone 7. Starting from the design of ultra-thin body and also some quite interesting features, like the 5MP camera is equipped with Flash lights, sliding Qwerty keyboard, headphone jack and touchscreen display.

So far, the Microsoft and Motorola have not leaked the release date of the latest mobile phone. But according to information from several sources, said that Motorola's latest phones will not be landed in September 2010.

Well, wondering what and how will the latest LG mobile phones that will be the first mobile phone .


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