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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

iPad 2 VS Galaxy Tab 10.1 Full Review

iPad 2 VS Galaxy Tab 10.1 Full Review

Who not be aware of iPad, a tablet phenomenal selling well. Tablet from Apple that the lengthy queues everywhere. apple ipad 2, which grew to become his successor can also be selling like pancakes. Then it doesn't mean there's no competition whatsoever.

Samsung like a new vendor to create pills this past year, lots of people started to rage. In Indonesia alone, named version from the Galaxy's first in a commercial sense effective enough. Samsung isn't just quiet, lately smartphone vendor increasing also produce pills with similar size because the rival apple ipad 2, that is 10 inches. The merchandise, known as Universe Tab 10.1 also offers two dualcore processors.

Then in the two pills which is much better?
iPad 2 VS Galaxy Tab 10.1 Full Review
Share within this time around, I don't take sides on any tablet. I happened to two tablet customers. After using bbrp time, you will find weak points go into the particular pills, either the ten.1 or even the iPad Tab 2.

Design, Hardware and Dimensions - DRAW

Glimpse in to the two pills is comparable to each other. But when you are feeling it immediately, it seems the main difference is very tolerable.

Listed here are pictures from the dimensions and design between 2 and Tab iPad 10.1

Dimensional specifications for that 2 pills the following:

Visible Tab 10.1 thinner and lighter compared to apple ipad 2.

Apple Ipad 2 more boxes the screen having a screen ratio of four:3 whereas 10.1 Tab to the widescreen.

With dimensions which are thinner and lighter in weight, much more comfortable grasp Tab 10.1, introduced everywhere as well as in make the bag. However the slight difference isn't a large problem.

Elegant Design - apple ipad 2 WIN

Many are not convinced using the material for Tab 10.1 made from plastic. As the apple ipad 2 uses aluminum material that's stated to more elegant. However I think the material isn't visible tabs 10.1 cheap, grey bandage about the back affiliate with a whitened design makes this tablet is very elegant.

Although apple ipad 2 looks more elegant, however with material like aluminum that a little afraid to make use of it without additional casing bandage. Aluminum in the iPad method is indeed susceptible dent so it should be extra careful using.

Speaker - Tab 10.1 WIN

apple ipad 2 outfitted having a speaker that huge when in comparison using the first version. While you will find 2 loudspeakers tab about the right 10.1 and left. If all of this I attempt, the speaker from the Tab 1.10 much better than the apple ipad 2. Furthermore, the positioning from the right and left plus features to create the Tab 10.1 5.1 surround more lively to hear music and video.

Speaker apple ipad 2

Speaker Tab 10.1 (You will find 2 right and left)

Multimedia - Tab 10.1 WIN

Video Playback

apple ipad 2: 720p H264

Tab 10.1: 1080p

Audio 5.1 Multichannel Audio

apple ipad 2: Must make use of a digital Audio-video plugs

Tab 10.1: Completely from the loudspeakers
iPad 2 VS Galaxy Tab 10.1 Full Review
Because the large sail, both pills are needed for use like a multimedia device. Watching videos about the 2 device is very comfortable to look at a relevant video, not to mention supported HD format. Tab includes a 10.1 widescreen display along with a bigger than apple ipad 2, well suited for watching the film box office, mostly Wide format.

In the clearness of seem, to 2 pills were equally in a position to show a obvious seem. However the 5.1 multichannel audio system are only able to run in Tab 1.10 since it has two loudspeakers about the right and left.

Screen - DRAW

Having a 9.7 inch display size apple ipad 2 continues to be just like its predecessor having a resolution of 1024 x768 While using the a widescreen 10.1 Tab typical cinema and it has a rather better resolution with 1280 x 800px. Concerning the resolution, both pills looks balanced, apple ipad 2 uses Insolvency practitioners technology on its Brought type display, when using the Tab 10.1 WXGA widescreen display.

For me, Tab 01.10 more simple to use watch movies online, since the screen is lcd screen reply.

Camera & Video - Tab 10.1 WIN

apple ipad 2: .3 Mega pixel front camera, rear camera .7 mega pixel, 720p video

Tab 10.1: front camera 2 Mega pixel, 3 Mega pixel kemara rear, 720p video

Tab camera has 10.1 megapixel resolution 3 about the front and a pair of-megapixel camera about the back. As the apple ipad 2 still uses .7 megapixel resolution for that front, and .3 mega pixel vga camera in order to the leading.

Video recorder to 2 pills is every bit able to 720p HD incorporated within the category.

10.1 Tab obvious victory from the camera.

Begin to see the image below:

Rear Camera apple ipad 2 results

Rear Camera apple ipad 2 results

Results Tab 10.1 Rear Camera

Results Tab 10.1 Rear Camera

Comparation See chart below:

Notices - Tab 10.1 WIN

apple ipad 2: Pop-up, and notification about the icon

Tab 10.1: Notification bars

Here you go the weak spot of IOS. Notification about the apple ipad 2 isn't collected in one location. Notifikasinya way too hard to determine. Only marked using the logo design of the number above each application. When the application continues to be a little still not really a large problem, let's say the applying has arrived at the 3rd page and so forth, I am sure you may never discover the latest notification in your apple ipad 2.

So far, the Notification on Android is among the best among all mobile OS. Notices are collected and indicated by perfect at the end from the Universe Tab 10.1 is. It is a quite different notification Honeycomb Android Tab 10.1 is by using Android Smartphone that is usually placed above.

Having a perfect notification, you won't ever miss any messages received.

Browser - Tab 10.01

When it comes to browser tabs 10.1 advance since it already supports Expensive Player. With expensive you may enjoy video on the web apart from Youtube, play expensive games or expensive berdesign open an internet site.

Few speed, to its 2 have nearly exactly the same speed.

10.1 About the tab went pretty easily when opening expensive games at Facebook or Viwawa. It cannot run well about the first generation tab.

Browse the video compare the next browsers. (To Two pills already about the 'Clear Cache' prior to the race)

Video Call - DRAW

apple ipad 2: The face-time, Wi-fi compatability Only

Tab 10.1: Gtalk, 3rd generation & Wi-fi compatability

The face-time apple ipad 2 includes a perfect application. The face-time about the iPad comes with an excellent degree of stability, isn't interrupted even when you open another application. It appears that Apple is deliberately making The face-time is definitely running without anyone's knowledge. However for competitors, you'll want an apple ipad 2, 4 apple iphone, ipod device Touch 4 or perhaps a The face-time placed on your Mac laptop, it has to purchase a The face-time Appstorenya. Furthermore The face-time need to take Wi-fi compatability for connecting video calls and doesn't run when utilizing 3rd generation.

While Tab 10.1 Gtalk being an application depending Video call. Same goes with the face-time, video call with gtalk is definitely running without anyone's knowledge the whole time. Tasty, Gtalk on Tab 10.1 can interact with anybody who's using Gtalk or Gmail. Your buddies could make video calls from the gmail within the browser without needing to install programs and free,

Gtalk look into Tab 10.1 superior here, but regrettably very few smartphone or device that supports Gtalk Video call. But with time, Gtalk video call may be used more crowded than The face-time, not to mention Google also switches into an identical video calls.

Application - apple ipad 2 Win

apple ipad 2: 100rb Programs

Tab 10.1: <500 applications

Like a man who was a baby compared to the adult, that's the image comparison application in Tab 10.1 and iPad 2. Applications Tab 10.1 is still fairly small compared to the application on the iPad 100rb 2.

I admit iPad 2 has a myriad of quality and interesting applications in marketnya. How does almost all mobile developers must make an application for IOS iPad 2. Greater income would be a major factor developers chose a soft place like the Apple store.
While the Android platform Honeycomb in adopsikan to Tab 10.1 is still relatively very small. Although Android application has already reached hundreds of thousands, but the application is not optimized for large sailing Android tablets. A matter of time only, if the tablet android boom, of course, the developers vying to upgrade the look of their apps.

Synchronization - Tab 10.1 Win
iPad 2 VS Galaxy Tab 10.1 Full Review
iPad 2: iTunes USB
Tab 10.1: Samsung Kies, Mass Storage via wifi and USB

Synchronization on the iPad 2 is required to use iTunes as the source. Sometimes this makes it inconvenient to transfer data. Conversely 10.1 tabs more flexible by using software Samsung Kies and can also be used as Mass Storage.

Internet Tethering - Tab 10.1 Win

iPad 2: Not Support
Tab 10.1: Wifi and USB tethering

Again again iPad 2 does not have the features favored by many users. iPad 2 does not have the ability to share the Internet, either USB cable or wifi. While Android Tab 10.1 already has the ability to use USB tethering and Wifi.

With the ability to share the internet you can share the Internet to other devices. Moreover, the two tablets are already supporting 3G, simply subscribe to an Internet package to be able to share to all other wifi devices. Certainly more efficient is not it?.

One more thing, the battery capacity to 2 tablets at a very qualified to do tethering all day without fear of running out of battery.

Performance and Graphics - DRAW

iPad 2: Processor 1 Ghz dualcore chip A5, PowerVR GPU
Tab 10.1: 1 GHz dualcore processor NVIDIA Tegra 2

To 2 tablets of this sama2 brain using 2 processors. A5 iPad 2 uses a chip with a speed of 1 GHz Dual core, while Tab 10.1 using NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor technology with a core clock speed and the same.

iPad 2 uses 512 MB of RAM while the Tab 10.1 at 1 GHz. Tabs seem to have 1.10 RAM 2 times larger.

The graph on the iPad using PowerVR chips while Tab 10.1 SGX543MP2 GPU using NVIDIA Tegra 2.

Personalization - Tab 10.1 WIN

For those who like mengoprek, both from the side view and the system would have loved Tab 10.1. Honeycomb Android OS on 01/10 Tab allows to beautify your homescreen. Widgets, live wallpapers, and themes can be changed easily in Tab 10.1. You no longer bored with the look of your homescreen that that's it.

Conversely, you can not make any changes to your homescreen iPad 2.

Game - iPad 2 WIN

Who does not know the game in the IOS. To the extent that many who buy iPad just for playing games. Naturally, almost all game developers would make games for IOS. Even the console game developers playstation, xbox and pc are the focus of making games for IOS. I am sure of the number of applications 100rb, gaming applications dominate.

Whereas only 10.1 Tab because it still has a handful of new games.

Speed ??to open the message - Tab 10.1 WIN

I do not like to use iPad two frequent loading times, connecting the first time when opening the application. For example, there is new mail, in IOS iPad 2, emails do not appear instantly in the email list because they have to be downloaded in advance, although have got notifikasinya. It is also common in many chat applications, social networking, etc.. Ditwitter For example, mention the newly accepted, can not directly open a snap when opening twitter. Again, loading and waiting. : (

Of course there is also a disputed this, although the performance iPad 2 fairly quickly. But in cases like this IOS looks too much thinking. It does not happen in the Android Tab 10.1 fast display a message, email or the latest tweet.

Usage & Multitasking - DRAW

IOS famous use is still easy to surpass the convenience factor. Even users are not required to understand the system thoroughly to keep it running smoothly. IOS does not run all applications in the background. Although claimed to be multitasking, but in fact the multitasking on the iPad 2 is still not 100% pure. But it can be patched with the stability of the OS from Apple.

Instead Android OS on Tab 10.1 Multitasking really pure. You can open many applications, and jumping to another application, without any change in your work. But do not blame if it runs out of RAM on Android. You must be a little difficult to install the application task killer returns of RAM or close an application to the Android system is not running slow. Not a problem for many people, there is also a disputed tp.

3G connectivity - DRAW

Tab 10.1: 21 HSPA, GSM / EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
iPad 2: WiFi 802.11 b / g / n Dual band, Bluetooth 3.1 EDR
Tab 10.1: WiFi 802.11 b / g / n Dual band, Bluetooth 3.0
iPad 2: microSIM
Tab 10.1: Standard SIMcard

Both iPad and Tab has 10.1 full connectivity. However, Tab 10.1 21 already supports HSPA technology that supports data connectivity up to 21 mbps. While HSDPA on the iPad 2 only supports up to 7.2 mbps.

21 HSPA unfortunately still not maximal is used in Indonesia. So I think the two tablets have the same advantages.

Batteries - DRAW

iPad 2: 6930 mAh, claimed to stand for 10 Hours
Tab 10.1: 6800 mAh, claimed to stand for 9 hours
No doubt the 2 tablet has a long battery life with the large capacities of these. It is difficult to ascertain how long a battery life when used. Heavy usage such as playing games, watching videos is draining the battery. However, if used only for browsing, playing music, email and chat this tablet can last all day.

Price - iPad 2 WIN

3G 16GB iPad 2: 5.5 jt (U.S. Store)
Tab 10.1 16GB 3G: 6 jt

In conclusion:

Both 2 and Tab 10.1 iPad have their respective advantages. It all depends on the needs and tastes of each. For example, if you're a lover of games, iPad 2 is indeed the only choice. But if you like chatting, browsing and email flash content, perhaps better Tab 10.1. For that select the device as needed is the right answer. So much from me.


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