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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Review Tabulet Beat with Full HD 1080p Display

Review Tabulet Beat with Full HD 1080p Display

Tabulet has just introduced one of the newest products Tabulet Beat. Tabulet Beat is a Digital AV Player that can play video up to Full HD 1080p resolution in a variety of formats such as avi, mp4, avi, etc.. Beat Tabulet rencanya be priced at around 800 thousand.

In addition to the audio and video player Tabulet Beat can also be used as an Android device, but not much can be done when the Beat goes on the Android OS. The lack of connectivity to be the main reason for the Android OS on the Beat can not do much. Excess Beat Android OS is not on but the multimedia capabilities.

Main Specifications:
Review Tabulet Beat with Full HD 1080p Display
4.3 inch Touch Screen
1080p full HD video support
Built-in FM radio
Android OS
Weight 185 grams (very light and portable)
Multi Format Video & Music Player
4GB Internal Memory
External memory Micro SD up to 32GB
Sales Package

Tabulet Beat
Adapter Charger
Mini USB Data Cable
Audio & Video Cable for TV output
User user
Warranty card
Sticker Tabulet
Design and Bodi
The design of the Beat looks like a tablet but the screen measures just 4.3 inches. The body is made of a lightweight plastic material and white whole. At the front of the plain only a logo Tabulet decorated in the lower right corner. On the back of the body there is a hole in the left speaker and in the middle of the body there is the logo Tabulet.

At the top there are 4 physical buttons are:
Review Tabulet Beat with Full HD 1080p Display
Power button / Lock
Menu button
The Volume Up / Down
Escape key
Beat on the right side there is a Micro SD slot and you can add a Micro SD sampe with 32 GB.

Beat on the left side there are 3 holes that jack adapter for charging hole, hole mini usb data cable for audio and 3.5-mm hole.

On the down side just plain and there is only one small hole that serves to reset the Beat.

Tabulet Beat Review Gallery
Display and Inter-face
At turning Beat Tabulet you will be faced with 2 choices of Tabulet and Android. Select Tabulet to boot in the Digital AV player mode.

The display on the Digital AV Player mode
At the beginning there is one line of the main menu at the bottom of the menu consists of 7 pieces, namely:

This menu is a music player that can play a variety of fotmat include MP3, WMA, AAC, M4A, OGG, WAV, FLAC, APE, etc..

In the Music menu you will be faced with a choice of several options:

Current Play: containing the song is playing, similar to the Now Playing on other music players.
All: contains all the songs contained in Tabulet Beat or on your Micro SD.
Artist: you can sort songs by artist that sings the song category.
Album: You can sort songs by song album category.
Style: sorting your favorite songs through musical genres.
Year: you can do sorti songs by date or year of the music files.
Files: this option serves as a file manager or file explorer.
Update Media Lib: serves to synchronize songs from memory to the music library.

Video player on Tabulet Beat remarkable enough, support for multiple formats sdeperti mkv, avi, mp4, mov, etc and support full HD video makes Tabulet Beat into a multimedia gadget that can be relied upon. We had test-played some video format mp4, mkv and avi-quality HD 720p up to full HD 1080p and everything went very well and smoothly. Given the price is quite cheap gadgets Beat including one to be reckoned with.

Besides being able to view videos and play music, Tabulet Beat can also store photos. All photos you can play a slideshow. Standard features such as zoom in and zoom out is also available on this menu. You can adjust the ratio of the image in a choice of 3 options: Full Raw Ratio, Ratio and Raw Stretch To Screen.

Tabulet Beat also features EBook to read a book or whatever in PDF form.

This menu serves as a file explorer to find files that exist in your internal or external memory.

In this menu you can do some settings and teradapat multiple choice options:

Display: go to this menu to make some settings like brightness, background, calibration and other display.
Language: apat you do the language settings on this menu unfortunately there are only 3 options namely Ennglish language, and china 2 languages.
Clock: do the current date and time on this menu.
Power: you can do some settings such as Backlight, Screen saver, etc..
TV Out: turn on the TV output on this menu.
Information: This menu only contains information about products Tabulet Beat.
Factory Setting: You can reset the settings back to the beginning of the factory default.

In the tools menu there are several sub-menus to choose from, most of the menu is a menu utility for your everyday needs.


Apart from the menus above there are also a row shortcut that can be hidden or displayed. Here are the shortcut menus are:

Analog Clock: analog clock to display on the display face.
Digital Clock: to display a digital clock on the display face.
Calendar: you can display your calendar on the display face.
Keylock: to lock the screen quickly and easily.
Volume: to adjust the sound level.

The appearance of the mode of Android OS
Tabulet can run both OS Android as the OS, the version shown is version 0.9.15 with kernel, according to our estimates this is equivalent to Android OS OS 2.1 Eclair. Display the home page on the mode of android android looks like on other tablet. Beat using ADW launcher as a display interface basically.

Home page consists of 5 main pages that you can customize with standard widgets android. As always at the top there is a notification bar that you can broom down to open it, and at the top there is also a touch navigation buttons like back, home, menu and volume, this is a hallmark of Tabulet products.

In the drawer of applications, applications are composed with the formation of 4 columns x 3 rows on one screen page. And there remains the top notification bar and touch button navigation like the look of the home page. There is a touch button home section right side of the screen to return to the home page.

Main applications Congenital Tabulet (android mode)

Hello Kitty Find It: the game look for the difference between the two images are fleeting as Hello Kitty.
Amtalee: game to overthrow the logs to fit into the hole.
Documents To Go: application to open, read and modify office documents like word, excel and powerpoint.
AndPipes! : The game to connect water pipes to be strung perfect.
Installer App: an application that makes it easy to explore and install android in the form apk.
Bust A Move: you certainly know the puzzle bubble? A dinosaur that shoots colored balls to destroy other balls.
Music: android standard music player.
Gallery: gallery standards of android to view photos and video.
In android mode connectivity using only a data cable and the micro SD only, there is no WiFi networks, Bluetooth or GSM/3G.

In android mode you can play games - games that are simple and can open or modify files word, excel and powerpoint via the Documents To Go.

Battery Life
Beat Tabulet good endurance when running the Android OS congenital tabulet or battery saving enough, because the screen is not too big and the lack of connectivity to battery-saving factor. If used to watch videos or play music taste will last long enough and can last more or less 20jam.

Beat the overall performance is quite good and is run as smoothly, especially when the Digital AV player mode which is its main advantages. His ability to run video formats up to Full HD resolution to be the main selling points of the Beat Tabulet than other products. The design is extremely lightweight and portable. Beat Tabulet should provide 2 pieces of stereo audio speakers to support multimedia capabilities. Another downside is the lack of connectivity on the Beat, especially when run on the Android OS mode, so the use of the Android OS was not really up to, but this can be understood considering Android is not the primary function of Tabulet Beat.


Durability is good enough
Lightweight design and portability
Full HD Video playback capabilities are very rarely owned any other similar product
Prices are very affordable at around Rp. 880 000, - compared to other mp3 player products
Digital AV player mode is very good and can play a variety of formats
User Interface is simple and easy to use

Connectivity is very minimal
Android OS is less than the maximum (because it's not its main function)


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