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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Pixcom Android Tab Review Gallery

New Pixcom Android Tab Review Gallery

Pixcom local phone vendor has issued a tablet Android. Sail 7-inch tablet named AndroTab. Its superior features include:

Android 2.2 Froyo
7-inch capacitive screen resolution of 800x480 pixels
GSM networks, 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS
VGA front camera and behind the camera 5MP
600MHz processor and 512MB of RAM

Design and Bodi
For the design and the body was pretty good. The front is glossy black as smartphones or tablets in general. Meanwhile, the back is a glossy white. SIM card slot, USB port, micro SD slot and a 3.5mm audio jack around the sides of the tablet. To the front wearing a touch button, but in the dark this button is not lit so it is not visible. Speaker was in the front, large enough but not left-right. Meanwhile, 0.3 MP camera in front of and behind the 5MP camera, keduannya not equipped with flash. This tablet was quite heavy. Overall design is pretty good, but the speakers on the front a little less.
New Pixcom Android Tab Review Gallery
Pixcom AndroTab Review Gallery

Sales Package
AndroTab fairly complete sales package, including:

warranty card
user manual
3.5mm headset
car kit charger
leather gloves
8GB micro SD in the tablet

New Pixcom Android Tab Review Gallery
The interface of this tablet can be seen in 3 directions. But for the homescreen page and main menu screen is not rotating, only in the application only. The interface is very typical of native Android interface. Homescreen consists of 5 pages that have been fixed, and can be added to Shortcuts, Widgets, Folders, Wallpaper.
Pixcom AndroTab Review Gallery

The main menu a la Android black background, the menu is quite smooth movement. The composition of the menu and the layout is fixed and unalterable. Present notification bar to display the email, SMS, or other notifications.

Text Input
Text input method that is in AndroTab only Android keyboard only, with settings such as vibrate, sound on, auto-capitalization, quick fixes, suggestions and auto complete. For typing is no problem because the screen is already using capacitive type and is quite responsive.

Contact can disintegrasikan with Facebook accounts, Twitter and your Gmail. To contact your usual can add email, zip code, organization, IM, notes, nicknames, websites and birthday. Phonebook capacity is not unlimited.
Pixcom AndroTab Review Gallery

The tablet has GSM and 3G networks, and can send SMS. Conversations appear in the format of threading / chat mode. To use SMS very easy and intuitive as tablet / smartphone Android usual. MMS and SMS editors are combined, by adding your multimedia files, then the SMS will be MMS.
Pixcom AndroTab Review Gallery

Gmail as usual must complete Android smartphones and tablets very well, with push notification, multiple accounts, signatures, labels and others. Additionally, with one Gmail account you can surf to find application in the market, chatting via Gtalk. Yahoo will need to set manually, or use Yahoo Mail application. Chatting via Gtalk also supported push notification to facilitate your communications.

Pixcom AndroTab Review Gallery

The camera that complements this tablet resolution is quite large, with a maximum resolution of 5 MP. VGA front camera can also be used to take pictures and record video. Rear camera features include: color effects, focus mode (auto, macro and normal), resolution, quality, ISO, auto exposure, anti-appeal, and white balance. Geo tagging can be used to store the location shooting.

The results of the standards alone camera, even has a 5MP. The results are somewhat purplish, and not as sharp as belonging 5MP camera mobile phone. In the light entering the room too few and a lot of noise.

Video Recording
The video recorder can record up to Andro Tab with WVGA resolution, depending on the video encoder that you choose, H263, H264 or MPEG4. Similarly, audio encoder, no AMR NB and AAC. In addition there is the duration of the video, the maximum limit of 10 minutes or 30 minutes. Besides the only other color effect settings and white balance.

Video recordings in pretty good WVGA resolution with 25 frames per second framerate and bitrate 1800-2000kbps. Within 20 seconds the resulting file 3657KB. Here are results of the videotape. :

Typical 3D Gallery Androidlah used by AndroTab. There is a fairly slow process of rendering every opening of the tablet camera. Browsing photos are standards, such as phone / tablet other standard Android .. Pinch and zoom in the photo gallery can be done. We can immediately make sharing pictures via MMS, email, Bluetooth and Gmail. Then there are images that can be used as wallpaper, in the crop, or rotated.
Pixcom AndroTab Review Gallery

Video player
Mp4 format other than HD and can not be played on this tablet. To mp4 can play up to VGA resolution (Mp4 downloads from Youtube other than HD resolution)
Pixcom AndroTab Review Gallery

Music Player
Music player interface is the same as the default music player other Android, which divides by Artists, Albums, Songs, Playlists and the Now Playing, as well as displaying album art. Unfortunately there is no equalizer to increase the output quality. Speaker output is quite fast, although the quality is average.

AndroTab runs on quadband and 3G networks. Then the local connectivity is a-GPS, Bluetooth 2.1, WiFi and USB (for mass storage, PC syncing, modem, and debug mode), in general connectivity is reasonably complete, it's just a USB port that is used quite strange, with a different port itself from tablets / other Android smartphones usually wear a mini USB or micro USB. These tablets can be used WiFi tethering as in tablet / smartphone Froyo other.

Web Browsing
Web browser support up to a maximum of 8 tabs. Meanwhile, pinch and zoom can be done smoothly. To open the mobile site is very fast, but when opening a non mobile / desktop performance is rather slow, perhaps because the specifications are not too high. This tablet Web browser can not play flash files

Default Applications
Applications to read CHM files, UMD, TXT, PDB, HTML.

ES File Explorer
File manager to browse from your Android phone storage.

Google Maps application that accompanies this tablet is already version 5.6.2, but when they want to see 3d maps can not.

Third Party Applications
Angry Birds

This game runs smoothly, although there is sometimes a little lag.

Benchmarking Results
3D Neocore: 40.0 fps
Linpack: 7:15 MFlops in 11.72 seconds
Quadrant Standard: can not

Battery Life

Battery endurance is quite good, as we review the day there are still about 20% battery remaining.


With prices that do not AndroTab to 3 million plus bonus the sales package is abundant enough to make the tablet is quite interesting to be purchased. However, the features and performance is still quite mediocre for a local brand tablets.


Capacitive screens
Package sales of many bonuses
Front of the camera back
GSM and 3G networks

Performance standards
The results of the camera is not too good
Can not play HD video
Does not support flash on the browser


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