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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mysterious Samsung Offer Agreement with Apple in Australia

launch of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Samsung reportedly has filed a mysterious deal to Apple in Australia which is intended to end the legal war against the temporary ban on the sale of samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Details of the offer are not known but Apple lawyer named Steve Burley told the Australian court that it needed time to consider it.

Currently Samsung has frozen plans launch of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Australia. Freezing a plan is due to a temporary ban issued by the court previously planned to be executed next week.

However this hope may be delayed considering the request an agreement by Samsung mapun from Apple seems to not be able to give conclusions before the court is in progress. Therefore the decision about whether or not the ban so it can only be known on Tuesday October 4, next week, which inadvertently coincided with the launch of the iPhone in Cupertino, USA. This is because Samsung Offer Agreement with Apple on Australiapada Mysterious coming Monday is a public holiday for the people of New South Wales, Australia.


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