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Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Apple iPhone will be available in a 64GB model, 32GB, and 16GB

New Apple iPhone will be available in a 64GB model, 32GB, and 16GB
Approaching the 4th when the official announcement of the new iPhone at the Apple campus implemented, a variety of leaked information about Apple's latest smartphone is starting to emerge. Once the device name appears on the iPhone is coded N94 Apple's internal inventory system, there is new news that the new iPhone will be available in three storage capacities of 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB as well as the iPad.

Still some people think that the new iPhone may also come in 8GB model as before but it seems to be reserved for the 8GB model iPhone 4S model is a model that is affordable, if any. Even so saw the development of storage technologies that exist today the new iPhone model will likely have a larger storage media.

In addition to this news, the new iPhone will also rumored to not have a 4G connectivity features as expected but only HSPA +. This connection feature HSPA + is currently more widely used, while 4G is still not evenly distributed around the world so that its implementation could be the rumors are true.

According to another leaked, Apple's new iPhone will provide these in two colors such as black and white before.

Which information is true of some of these rumors? Let's wait.


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