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Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Google Nexus Prime Phone Reviews

New Google Nexus Prime Phone 1

This Picture Accurate According Designers New Google Nexus Prime, A team of Ciccarese Design has made a picture of what might be launched as Google's latest flagship smartphone devices. Picture this time looks similar to the Nexus S from Samsung is combined with Samsung Galaxy S II in the U.S.. When viewed and compared with the rumors that have circulated so this combination seems quite accurate and similar to the original product which will be announced soon.

Device design looks thin, about 4.7 inch screen, there are widgets like the clock on the dock for four plus Honeycomb operation of applications, phone, browser, and shortcuts on the phone. There is a status board on the top and the second board to search Google, voice commands and other enhancements.
New Google Nexus Prime Phone picture
From the outside the device looks like a Nexus S is more flat. Asa microUSB slot on the bottom and some other accessories like Samsung's standard speaker grille. There are also holes on the camera such as the Nexus S includes a front camera hole.

The back is thicker at the bottom than on top. The screen is slightly curved and shiny like glass. Android looks typical menu button and not without tombil as expected by some people.

This picture Accurate According to Nexus Prime DesainerCukup interested? Look forward to its original shape when unpacked Samsung Mobile event to be held a few weeks.


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