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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Android is OS Open Source Most Closed

Android: OS Open Source Best Closed
This is the reality which must be received by the user of Android smartphone OS has always prided their openness. Indeed, Android is still a open source OS, but among his own community of Android is considered as the most closed.

It is known after doing research yng VisionMobile focus on their respective index values ​​of open governance, inclusiveness, transparency, and ease of access to the source code of each system of eight open-source OS that is Android, Eclipse, the Linux kernel, MeeGo, Firefox, QT , Symbian, and Webkit. In this research note Android scored lowest on open governance index that is only 23%. This value is far below the second lowest rank that is QT and Symbian which is 58%, and ranges from a quarter under the Eclipse is the most open OS with a value of 83%.

This low value according to VisionMobile because Android for Google is still controlled by a unilaterally develop and make decisions about Android. Still according to VisionMobile, ease in viewing a map of the Android development is also limited because it is not published by Google. ''In fact, the reality of progress is controlled by Google's Android with little input from outside developers or input from members of the Open Handset Alliance (OHA). When first released, OHA act as public advocates for business free. However, OHA is now only used as a ratification of the institution's open source Android without any contribution to the Android itself because it was developed by Google.''

Successive most open systems today is Eclipse with 84%, Linux 71%, 68% WebKit, Mozilla 65%, 61% MeeGo, Symbian and QT with 58%, and Android to 23%. Studies conducted by VisionMobile is funded by the European Union to find out what are the system and OS that most open today. This result does not change the closed source OS Android be, but be a little picture is not as open as Android if that had been predicted.

via ReadWriteWeb, ArsTechnica, visionmobile, Gizmodo
pic by androidmaster


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