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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nokia N9 Launch Countdown, 49 Days Again

Although no longer a mainstay for the Nokia platform, does not mean the platform MeeGo unnoticed. Nokia seems to still prepare a handset MeeGo upscale ready to launch the Nokia N9, which today has emerged countdown launch on the Nokia site pages.

Nokia has announced it will be known as the emergence of Nokia N9 at Nokia Connection 2011 event in June. After that the device appeared on various news and reviews both in terms of specification, performance and results leaked pictures and video. Nokia N9 also was rumored to be coming soon in Indonesia.

If you see the countdown is displayed on the page is then N9 Nokia will start to come around September. This means consistent with previous news that informs that Nokia N9 will be available mid-September, is expected on 15.

Until now, not known for sure the selling price of this device and the date of emergence in Indonesia.


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