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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Best Native Torrent Client for Android with Better Download Speeds

Best Native Torrent Client for Android
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With mobile phone getting smart, now they are capable of downloading of torrents. Thanks to faster data streaming by the network provider and over Wi-Fi which has made possible to get faster download speed. You can now download torrents on your mobile phone and Android is the right platform for downloading torrents. With aDownloader application for Android mobile phones and tablets PCs you can download torrents. There is one advantage of it, you would no more require connection with your PC to transfer mp3 files, movies and TV shows as you can directly download it from your mobile phone.
aDownloader a torrent client available for all the smartphones which runs on Android. As a proud Android phone owner you can download thousands of apps available in the Android marketplace and even the third-party software’s too (in Android terminology software’s are called as apps). aDownloader provides download through various torrent providers and its mostly like a desktop torrent client on your mobile phone.
The following are the advantages of using aDownloader app –
An easy and quick way to find torrent from your mobile phone.
By default the torrent search would be through btjunkie but not most of the people knows, it provides search through various torrent search engines & through various providers like BTjunkie, Extratorrent, isoHunt, Kickasstorrents, Mininova, Monova, The Pirates Bay, Torrent downloads, Torrentreactory & Vertor clients. These settings of changing the search engine scan be found under the settings >General.
By default aDownloader downloads the torrent to SD card (It creates a folder by name aDownloader in your SD card when you install the app). You can easily change the download location by going to settings > General settings.
aDownloader is customized app which provides various theme which includes Green, Black and Orange. I love the default black color of it.
Just like your normal torrent you can also set download limit for each file that you are downloading through aDownloader.
The upload limit too can be modified.
The torrent DTH may increase your speed but consume more network resources and so the battery would be quickly drained out.
Select Filter options located in the settings will automatically filter the known files with the extensions. You need to make sure that you have entered the file extension correctly. By default it includes all the major known files formats like jpeg, doc, png, bmp, nfo, url, txt.
Other than that there are various other options like Maximum error retry, error retry interval, maximum connection, incoming port, seed-time limit, maximum downloading and maximum seeding.

So worried of the download speed? It’s clear that the download speed depends upon how you are connected with the data. With 2G networks you would be frustrated for sure, but 3G or 4G would surprisingly provide you with stable download speed. The more accurately stable download speed would be provided to you with Wi-Fi connection and transfer is dependent on what plan you have chosen with your internet provider.
aDownloader Downloads
aDownloader app for Android mobile phone can be download on to your mobile phone by following two methods –
Direct Download – It can be directly downloaded from Android App Labs.
Download Through QR Code –

Using the barcode reader application present on your mobile phone you can point the camera on to this QR code and easily download the apps.
To sum it up, aDownloader is a great application for those who are willing to download movies, mp3 and TV shows directly on to their mobile phone without the use of transferring files through PC or WiFi. We are pretty sure that aDownloader is the #1 app for the torrent download needs and it beats the other torrent applications on the Market today.


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