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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Android Market now has 100,000+ Apps

Android Market now has 100,000+ Apps
The Android Developer account on twitter just tweeted that they have surpassed 100,000 apps in the Android market. This news brings in the fact about the growth of the Android operating system, and its potential to hit the iOS pretty soon.
The Android marketplace was very limited to certain countries before, but after Android market got open to around 20 countries, the rise has always been there in the number of applications getting into the market, and even the download count was proportionately high.
Although iOS is still the dominating giant here, Android has been on a speedy growth, which indicates how well it may surpass the counts and stats of the Apple’s boasting numbers in the near future. Apple’s iOS has 280,000 apps in their market but the time in which Android has got the count of 100,000 is comparatively lesser, all thanks to the OS fragmentation among various devices.
And as Android’s next versions are already due, there are several expectations and so would be the developers ready to have their hands on newer stuff in Android.


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