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Sunday, September 25, 2011

BlackBerry Application Developer Gets More Money Than IOS and Android

BlackBerry Application Developer Gets More Money Than IOS and Android
We all know that RIM is in a state not so good, and a lot of BlackBerry users who complain that the application in the App World is lacking a lot. But a study conducted by Evans Data Corp. provides a platform where new facts that make the application developers to make lots of money and the results are quite surprising.

400 commercial developers who are interviewing and the results showed that 13% of BlackBerry application developers to make $ 100,000 of their application, which is said to be more than the developers of Android and IOS.

Of course this is not the same for any developer, not all developers that lucky, but this show is still strong ecosystem of BlackBerry, users still want to buy apps, they just need people to continue making the application.

Meanwhile, the Android Market app store is the most widely used by commercial developers with 47 percent of them use the Android Market, App Store while following behind with 43 ​​percent. But still a matter of money developers BlackBerry luckier than both its competitors.


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