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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Description About Strengths and Weaknesses of New Nokia C3

Nokia Presence of C3 started casting a threat to its rivals, especially in class lowend. Nokia did not want to lose to a local cell phone that had been taking classes lowend market from Nokia. This time Nokia launched a phone called the Nokia C3. This phone has a qwerty design and equipped with several internet services such as social networking.

For more details, I will discuss about the strengths and weaknesses of Nokia C3 :

Strengths Excess of Nokia C3 :
1. Have a competitive enough price
2. Having a qwerty design with slim dimensions
3. QWERTY keypad, which is owned Nokia C3 comfortable when used to type because each key is formed protruding.
4. This phone has a nice 2.4 screen when in an indoor or outdoor light conditions. Nokia C3 using a screen type TFT 262 144 colors with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels.
5. Available widget home screen
6. Nokia service available messaging services
7. Chat Mendkung some services are: OVI Contacts (chats), Yahoo (Yahoo Messenger), Google (Gtalk), Windows Live and a number of other chat services.
8. Bawaanya browser has a better performance when compared with local phone. Starting from the acceleration up support against a simple flash, javascript 1.3 and 1.5, CSS, TCP / IP and so forth.
9. Apart from congenital browser Nokia browser OperaMini C3 also provides a kemampuanyaa not be doubted.
10. Ability of the music player does not need diragkan because it could do with a good file sorting, separating mapu song collection into several categories and support for ID3 tags.
11. Already supports A2DP capabilities and 3.5 mm connector.
12. Nokia C3 already has WiFi
13. Compatibility with Java
14. Already supports Flash 3.0

Weaknesses Nokia C3 :
1. Nokia servers are often down.
2. Communities are not multitasking.
3. Push email are not under the system and not updated.
4. 2 megapixel camera that has mediocre, because it is not accompanied by autofocus and a flash light so that the resulting picture is less satisfactory mainly the result of indoor photos.
5. C3 nokia internal speakers in a bit disappointing because it has a very shrill voice with a single output hopper adjacent ddengan camera.
6. No offers dual sim card and analog TV as a local phone with the same price range

C3 is a mainstay Nokia phones Nokia classroom lowend. This phone offers many features demanded by the community center that is qwet keyboard, features online, complete with WiFi and support services and interfaces that unite each other. And do not miss this phone has a cheap enough price.


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