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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Seven Tips to Optimization Your LG GW300

New GW300 LG is LG's mobile phone which has a qwerty keypad design. This phone gets a good response, because this phone is quite affordable for those who want a qwerty phone with a famous brand. So I will give some simple tips on how to optimize your LG GW300 belongs.

Here are seven tips to optimization LG GW300:

1. When first turned on, the phone began to provide guidance to the use of language, tips mmenu button to update your contacts list. Should take a little time to read it because sometimes simple problems can be cured with these guidelines.
2. Although the LG display attract GW300 already, you can customize the settings using the ad. Pengatuiran the first is associated with a Minister you can view the menu. You can choose the style of plot or style list. View the letter can also be changed as needed. You can set where the file is stored photos videoatau record. File storage should be placed on the memory card.
3. Live Square is a unique feature that belongs to this phone. In addition to dancing, this feature is also fun because it can look directly at anyone who has contacted you within one screen. The caller will be displayed in the cartoon characters on the screen and you stay on stand by to direct the call to characters (SMS / Email / Phone). How can enter in the settings menu> select the Live Square.
4. This phone offers multitasking button (located on the right side call button). This means you can run applications in parallel. How, when he is running the first application multitasking key, back to the main menu and run the second application and so on.
5. Facebook application contained on this phone is not just a link but it is already installed application. You may upload images or send messages from wall to wall directly. To upload a photo, go to facebook applications> mask to the album icon> and select the icon image with the sign (+)> select the image you want in the upload> select the album pictures to be stored and photographs will be stored.
6. This phone provides a feature called anti thief ATMT (Anti Thieft Mobile Tracker), can be accessed from the main menu select settings> Security> Anti Thieft Mobile Tracker> set ATMT> select live> ATMT code (0000)> select numbers for the ATMT, ATMT re-enter the number (0000)> write the names and phone numbers who want to send a message if the phone in the stolen> select complete.
7. This provides a record of phone features, but the default application recorder recording time limit only 30 seconds. To be able to enjoy unlimited recording time, open the sound recorder application> click options> select duration> select without borders and return.


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