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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Handphone FrvrOn Olive With 2 Batteries

Handphone FrvrOn Olive With 2 Batteries
Usually relying on cell phone lithium ion batteries as a resource, a phone that is somewhat unique because it uses energyzer battery, Abc battery as a 'life'.

Mobile phone named FrvrOn - stands forever on - was developed by Indian manufacturer, Olive Telecommunication.

Quoted from The Star Online, the phone is intentionally designed for Indians who live in areas with erratic electricity supply.

"We have the electricity network throughout the country but power supplies are often byar pet," says Olive Handphone Marketing Manager Telecommunications, Ravi Perti.

The phone can be activated by lithium batteries such as mobile phones in general, and can survive for three hours. Well, when lithium batteries were dead, while there was no electricity to recharge the batteries, AAA batteries can be a helper.

Indeed the main target of this mobile is resident in remote rural areas. However, mobile phones worth 1699 rupees (around USD 340 thousand) can also be used by anyone who needs the device with a backup battery quickly. Essentially these batteries still use lithium batteries as the main battery, normal battery (backup) is used only when urgent or important (eg when you're on the road and our phone low bat, while no casan but we need your phone is switched on.)


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