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Sunday, July 11, 2010

How to Optimize Your Samsung Corby Txt

Samsung TXT Corby is a series of Samsung with a qwerty keypad design. Corby TXT Samsung comes with an interesting widget, this phone to apply "Cartoon User Interface" which makes viewing TXT Corby looks more fun and interesting.

Next I will discuss how to optimize Samsung Corby TXT:

1. Email access is placed on the message menu. By default available two accounts that are available are Google and Hotmail. When you first open the email, you will be presented with the email setup wizard, follow the configuration steps are required, then select yes. As usual, you will be asked to fill in the username (ID) and password. Once filled email account, select the option "check for new mail." The download will occur. Email that looks not necessarily be opened but must be taken.

2. Samsung TXT Corby has 2 megapixel camera that also functions as a camcorder. The optimal setting can be done. How to open the camera> click right button> select the camera or camcorder. Menu settings on the camera or camcorder is left button.

3. You can add a photo gallery for wallpaper when visiting the Internet because this phone supports image download feature. For example, during a visit facebook, the image that appeared when it can langsng opened, saved and set as wallpaper or caller ID.

4. One of the supporters for their users, Samsung provides an online site with a Samsung Fan Club. Samsung Fun Club This course can be downloaded leawat phone. By visiting these sites, a variety of applications, wallpapers, ringtones and games that can be downloaded. Not only is paid, which is free is also available on this site. To visit it, you have to register by filling bomor phone, name and age.

5. Create your frequent use sound recorder, recording duration can be changed to a maximum of 60 minutes by clicking on the options> settings> set the time and save.

6. Not just excel from internet access, the phone also provides a different music player from a local phone. Music player that can display a choice pinned Based artist, album, flow to the most played. Not only that, the music player also provides features "found music" that can be recorded. To give an impression more, music player can run in background mode by activating the backlight turned belakang.Hasilnya, utam on the menu, music player can run without needing to go into the menu music player embedded on the main menu.

7. Men of other entertainment available that is FM radio. Pinned FM radio auto scan feature with a storage slot without restriction. Radio Stasun captured will be stored automatically in the list of channels. It also supports radio recording feature. With a few simple tips above may help you in optimizing your own Samsung TXT Corby.


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