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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Samsung S5620 Monte Pros Weakness and Strong

Samsung S5620 Monte
Samsung S5620 Monte Price: USD 2.0 million, - (30 June 2010)

Samsung Monte is a middle-class phones from Samsung as a successor of the Samsung Star, Corby and Genoa. Samsung Monte brings reformer features of its predecessor which is used as power a new break. Starting from the availability of WiFi, GPS, up to an enhanced touch screen capabilities.

For more details, I will discuss about the pros and cons of the Samsung S5620 Monte.

Here are the strengths and weaknesses Samsung S5620 Monte:

Samsung S5620 Monte
Pros Strong:

1. Has a compact design and small dimensions are 10.88 x 5.37 with x1, 4 cm with a weight of 92 grams.
2. The front is made of similar material and the rear glass is made of plastic material with good quality and not behind the metal plate next to Samsung Monte rounded body that look very elegant.
3. 3-inch screen is equipped with capacitive touchscreen technology TFT 256 thousand colors with 240 x 400 pixels. Therefore, besides sharp the displayed image, which is owned Samsung screen Monte responsive enough to recognize your fingertips when accessing the menu or writing an sms.
4. Rely TouchWiz User Interface UI 2.0 Plus, so navigation and access the menu on the Samsung Monte more perfect and attractive when compared with Samsung Corby and Genoa.
5. 3 megapixel camera owned by Samsung Monte when doing outdoor photography produces images good enough, ie in terms of sharpness and brightness of the image. Also available features geotagging smile and shoot.
6. Samsung Monte owned loudspeaker capable of emitting sound quality is quite awake premises between treable composition and bass.
7. Available 3.5-mm port for ease in connecting the User keperangkat such as external speakers and headsets.
8. There is another alternative form of entertainment with RDS FM radio with a better view and the ability to record radio broadcasts in mp3 format.
9. Support for HSDPA 3.6 mbps internet connection via mobile operator networks with high speed.
10. Available default browser capable of displaying web pages optimally.
11. There is a WiFi connection that can connect users to the Internet without cost diarea a free hotspot.
12. For practicality and safety features already provided Monte Samsung Smart Unlock Unlock is opened by drawing on the screen. And etiquette pause feature is also available which makes voices into mode'mute 'when speaking a call simply by turning the phone.
13. Google application available that provides access to Google search, Maps and Gmail as well. With Google Maps users can do with technology GPS navigation feature is available in Samsung Monte.
14. Fairly large internal memory of 220 MB and can be added via the microSD slot up to 16 GB.
15. 1000 mAh battery which is owned Samsung Monte able to survive up to two days more.

Samsung S5620 Monte Weakness

1. Typing feature which only rely on the virtual numeric keypad.
2. Accelerometer which only runs limited to a particular feature.
3. Multitaskig more oriented to Java-based applications.
4. The result of the camera when taking the picture in the room to produce pictures that are unsatisfactory. Sharpness of the image darker and tend to slump when compare with the mobile class.

Samsung S5620 Monte Package Purchase

1. Mobile phone
2. Headsets
3. Charger
4. Data Cables
5. Battery
6. Manuals
7. CD
8. Warranty card


Samsung Monte is a phone for the middle class who want to enjoy a responsive touch-screen technology and with the combined technologies. No wonder if the mobile phone market because it is able to attract enough feature that brings a complete and interesting that is, Wi-Fi, GPS, HSDPA, and technology TouhWiz UI 2.0 Plus.

Although some features such as the disappointing results of an indoor camera, accelerometer and multitasking are limited because the phone is priced pretty cheap which is around USD 2.0 million, -


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