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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Google+ is Free Opened To Public

Google+ is Free Opened To Public
Google+ is Opened To Public, Merge Without Invitation
At the beginning of the launch, Google limit the users who can access social networking sites, Google +. But since it seems to be the status of Google + static, Google finally taking steps to open the Google + for a general, all users can sign up without the need to get recommendations from friends. From the time period to join only through invitation, Google + has been harvesting users by more than 25 million users.

To menyemarakan Google + opening to the public, Google is inviting of The Black Eyed Peas to cut the ribbon opening the event. will be in Hangout On Air, a feature of public broadcasting the new Google + on 21 September.

Hangout On Air itself is one Hangout event created by Google. Another event is the Hangout Hangout for mobile users Android 2.3 or above with possible compatible with the IOS. Hangouters can also share doodles (coret-coretan/sketsa), screen shots and Google Docs and named his work as desired.


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