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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Phone Xiaomi Support the Android Vanilla ROM MIUI

Phone Xiaomi Vanilla

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Phone Xiaomi Vanilla Next Month, Ice Cream Sandwiches in January 2012.
As Teknokerz know Xiaomi phone is a phone that will support the Android Vanilla ROM MIUI and although not simultaneously on a dual-partition it. Dual partition system is a new unique feature owned by the phone Xiaomi, which means we can install two OS (MIUI, and other OS such as Android). We can have a stable OS on the one hand and tried the beta OS on the other side, so that when one of the OS there is a problem we can easily return to a stable OS.

But the latest news from Xiaomi CEO, Lei Jun, informed him that his ROM 2.3.5 Vanilla Android will be released this October is not too long ago from the launch of his own cell phone.

In addition, Lei Jun also announced that it will also launch a 4.0 Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches in January 2012. The release by the parties themselves Xiaomi expected after 2-3 months after the time set by Google to release the new OS.


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