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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Best 7 New Features of iPhone5

Best 7 New Features of iPhone5
7 Features that the iPhone5 takes to Stay Competitive with Android
The presence of the iPhone 5 is getting closer. However, until now rumors are circulating still can not show a consistent leak about how the shape and the specifications of one of these dream gadget.

If you see competition in the smartphone market today are increasingly stringent, the presence of the iPhone 5 according to some party must have excellent features that have not or are rarely used by other smartphones. However, in addition to the features of surprise, the iPhone 5 also requires the latest features and the ability to remain one of the technology user's favorite gadget is:

Improved hardware: Some Apple competitors such as Samsung, LG, and Motorola have released dual-core smartphone. Therefore, the iPhone must use at least 5 prosesr A5 1.2-1.5 GHz dual-core processors like the iPad 2 plus 1GB of RAM.
The new OS: Launch of the new iPhone is always accompanied by a new mobile operating system, in this case IOS 5. Reportedly there were 200 new features that will be included here in which the system of notification and iMessage addition of new applications such as the Reminder and Newstand
The screen is better: iPhone 5 is rumored to be having retinal display screen that meets the sides with a size of 4 inches. The screen is also curved so it is rumored to better protect user privacy. It is expected the iPhone screen 5 will be equal to or better than the Samsung screen Galaxy S2 mounted touch screen AMOLED Super Plus, such as Quantum Dot screen with LED technology that absorbs much less power but the quality is equivalent to the OLED display.
Near Field Communication: Samsung S2 supports NFC chip that facilitates data exchange and connection through touch. There was news earlier that says that the new iPhone will use Qualcomm chips with NFC capability, but the possibility of a new implementation in the iPhone 6.
Battery life is better: Samsung Galaxy S2 is able to survive 10 hours with 1650 mAh battery, while the iPhone 4 only lasted 7 hours in 3G networks. Usually the new iPhone will be better than the previous iPhone in this section, so for this is not too worried.
Larger memory: Application of the growing need of storage space is greater. It is expected the iPhone 5 has an internal storage option 16, 32, and 64 GB.
4G Connection: Though the latest iPhone that is currently circulating is the iPhone 4, but Apple's smartphone is not a feature of 4G. Because current technology is being developed in various parts of the world then the iPhone 4G 5 should have the support of this.

Is Apple able to bring all of these prerequisites into the iPhone 5 or even mengunggulinya? Let's wait on 4 October.


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