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Thursday, September 22, 2011

10 Gadgets That Most Prohibited

10 Gadgets That Most Prohibited

10 Gadgets That Prohibited Supply In Some Countries World
Not all gadgets are well received in some parts of the world. Here are 10 popular gadgets are banned in several countries of the world:

Israel banned the iPad: iPad because Israel banned for gadgets interfere with the WiFi signal in the vicinity.
UAE and Saudi Arabia to ban Blackberry: Blackberry considered to endanger national security by denying access to the government to their servers.
Germany banned the Galaxy Tab 10.1: Occurs with Apple's patent infringement.
America prohibits the use of iPod and iPhone headset on the road to reduce car accidents.
North Korea to ban mobile phones: After the explosion in Ryongchon, North Korea's government had banned cell phones even though the prohibition was finally repealed in 2008.
Cuba also had to ban cell phones in the era of Fidel Castro led the country. But since Fidel fell and was replaced by his brother, the phone may be circulated back in Cuba.
India to ban cell phones and gadgets from China: The reason is because the products of Chinese origin have a tendency to get spyware and malware and do not have IMEI numbers that can harm the user's mobile phones and gadgets in India.
Britain banned Plasma TV: This is done by reducing the impact of global warming. Later, the European Union also supports this program.
State of California in the United States banned the use of TV sets because of wasteful energy
Australia prohibits the use of laser pointers. Australia considers a laser pointer can be abused to be a weapon and the use of pointers in the class will be subject to a fine of 5000 dollars.


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