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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Apple Maybe Prepare Medium Quad-Core Processors

Apple Maybe Prepare Medium Quad-Core Processors
Based on the search performed on the source code of Apple's Xcode developer tools, Apple is known to have slipped a reference that will support quad-core processors. Four-core processors are expected to be incorporated into the model of the iPhone, iPad, and the latest iPod touch.

According to Ars Technica, in the source code contained references Fleet Cortex A9 processors when interpreting the CPU to be optimized. In the code written PJ4B which is a CPU design specifically optimized at Fleet XP Marvell quad-core processors.

It most likely from the inclusion of quad-core source code according to Foresman from Ars Technica is that Apple may use the Marvell chip quad-core processor in the iPhone and iPad prototype. Could be also that it is used for the Mac Book Air which is used in the trial preparation of the upcoming quad-core products.

So, should wait for Apple's quad-core products for the next dream gadget, or just wait for the iPhone 5 dual-core processors are likely to be announced on 4 October?


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